• Of course they're slaves

    The amount of elves needed to mantain Santa's operation must be incredibly high. Of course he needs to enslave them all to continue to produce toys. There's no way he can provide good compensation to all of them. Are they there voluntarily? Maybe, But if that's the case, I believe these elves do not know they could be free and they've been brainwashed by this obese man.

  • Elves are slaves! Fight me

    They work all year with little to no pay, And Santa works one year and gets all of the credit. There is a possibility that he earns a little money from selling the cookies he collects, But that wouldn’t be nearly enough to give a fair salary to the large amount of elves.

  • Elf lives matter

    Santa has taken control of the media. Anyone who has made a movie or TV special about Santa Claus, The elves and all that jazz is being used as a pawn by Santa Almighty. The only X-mas movies that the elves enjoy is "The Nightmare Before Christmas", And that's just because Santa was captured and Tim Burton went rogue and disobeyed Santa. Anyways, These elves are underpaid and overworked. We must assemble an ELF UNION, And behead that corrupt fat man up north! ELF LIVES MATTER!

  • Are elves slaves? Yes

    1. They don't get paid. 2. They only know how to make toys. 3. They work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! 4. They don't get to eat the mince pies or drink the wine. 5. As soon as Christmas approaches, They work longer so they don't sleep probably.

  • Elves are Slaves!

    They really do need more respect for what they do. Everybody recognizes Santa but what about little Johnny elf, Little Timmy elf, Little Kelly elf. What do they get from a fat guy bossing them around. All of these little people need to stand up. STAND UP TO THE MAN!

  • Give the elves some chill.

    Technically, They aren't volunteering, Neither are they getting paid. This does classify as slavery. Now, Elves are very rarely seen outside Santa's property. They aren't alowed to leave santa's property. They don't seem to be getting proper education. Elves do originate from the forest, And i don't think there is forests on the north pole. They must be imported from Norway.

  • Elfves are slaves

    1) They don't get paid.
    2) They're not getting proper education, Instead they learn toy making.
    3) They are being trafficked from the South pole to the North Pole.

    This isn't fair to the elves. They're forced to work a specific deadline for a fat white guy. Free the elfves!

  • They Can’t Leave

    A large element of slavery is that slaves cannot freely leave the slave owners property. This is why elf sightings are so rare. Therefore, Because we never see elves, They must be slaves. Some might try to argue that Santa never leaves either because they keep them selves secret. This is a popular belief, But is sadly a misconception. Santa never leaves because there has to be a slave driver, Which begs the question of slave rebellions. Elves are not prone to rebel because of the dire consequences: the death penalty. The coal Santa gives naughty kids is actually charcoal made from killing elves in a long burning, Low oxygen furnace. Most of Santa’s coal today is from the Elf rebellion of 2003, When a great number of elfs rebelled because the winter was so cold that the water was freezing over and they couldn’t fish. Also, Some of the elfs died from the cold because they lacked proper clothing. Many babies died froze as well, And all who either died or rebelled was charred in the fire.

  • Santa's Elves Are Slaves!

    Technically, Santa's elves ARE slaves. Although they are given housing and food, they're forced to work with no pay. Isn't that the definition of slavery? Plus, where do the elves come from? Is there a job application or something, or did Santa kidnap them? We need answers! Who's with me?

  • The elves need some slack

    I saw Santa kissing my sister, and my sister is chill. So in that case if my sister is chill than Santa must be too because they were kissing!!!!!!! What do u think of this?!? Santa's elves are slaves and we need to stop it as fast as we can.

  • We don't know where they came from

    If the elves were indeed slaves, Santa would have had to enslave them somehow, meaning that they came from an outside source. However, we have no idea exactly where or IF they come from outside the workshop, therefore I propose the theory that the elves are magical familiars that Santa summoned, and could not survive on their own. After all, a man who gives free presents to children, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or social status doesn't seem like the kind of guy who enslaves an entire goddamn species of midgets.

  • No lol lol lol

    Thats funny because i would love to be happy and run around and eat cookies all day and build toys i mean who wouldnt??? That is if santa was real HAHAHAHAHAHA yeah well why wouldnt you wanted to be an elf.. They are aways happy and its always christmas there...

  • Actually, Santa Claus is the slave.

    Saint Niklaus still owes the elf mafia for his transport from Germany to the North Pole. As a result, he has to work it off by giving up his Christmas Eves to deliver the toys (act as a mule) for the elf mafia. They keep Niklaus' wife as a hostage so he will not disappear with the toys, or fail to come back and make the deliveries the next year.

  • Santa Claus elves are freed slaves

    Saint Nicholas was a Spanish Bishop who bought slaves to tend his property. He felt sorry for them and released them, and they were so grateful they decided to volunteer to work for him in giving charity to poor people.

    Saint Nicholas was a very early abolitionist, I can't associate his helpers with slaves.

  • No they are not,

    We have no evidence that says they are not paid for it but we do have plenty of evidence saying that they enjoy working for Santa making toys and even if they weren't paid if they enjoyed working for Santa then that would be voluntary work and absolutely NOT slavery.

  • The Legal Approach

    I found a great article on the law that applies in this debate! It explains the jurisdiction at the North Pole and what standard of employment law Santa would be held to. . . It discusses how elves could be slaves and how, If they are, Santa could actually be considered a pirate XD

    https://www. Acuitylaw. Com/insights/elf-labour-the-definitive-legal-answer

  • Santa can pay them

    Santa is not a bad person. If he could afford to pay them he would. One could argue that Santa has no method of earning income, so there's no way he could afford to pay his elves, but every Christmas, Santa gets way more cookies than he can eat. With the leftovers, Santa could sell cookies on ebay or another online sales website and make plenty of money to pay back his elf army. Not to mention, the elves get free room and board.

  • Legolas shows that elves aren't Slaves

    Elves do have other professions. But the really cool ones choose to work with Santa. If the Elves were truly enslaved the NAACP would be all over it. We would se protests of Elf Lives Matter! Do we see any of that? No we don't. We don't because no elf has ever expressed displeasure with their treatment.

  • They have options

    According to one source there are three main trades for elves: shoemaker, baker (mostly cookies), and toy maker. Making toys in Santa's workshop is commonly known as "The Show or "The Big Dance" and is a dream come true for a culture that defines itself by its craftsmanship and productivity. The elves forgo all that cookie money in favor of making children presents and communal living.

  • Elves Aren't Slaves

    All said and done, it seems very unlikely that Santa is a slave owner. Not only are the economic conditions not right, but it doesn’t fit his character. What type of person spends his life giving out gifts that bring joy to millions while simultaneously domineering cheerful elves? C'mon for real.

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