• Maybe they are

    Sightings of sasquatches have been happening all over the world (little man in Indonesia, yeti in china, big foot in America) for thousands of years. There have been humanoid fossils found in various parts of the Caucasus and south west china. They could have migrated when the native Americans migrated by the ice bridge in alaska. Fossils show that some of these humanoids were around only thousands of years ago.

  • No they are not.

    So many people claim to have seen one. If there are so many people spotting these things, I see no reason why there would not be a picture. In the days of smartphone cameras someone would have taken a photograph of the sasquatch. All of the pictures I have seen are obviously fake so far.

  • Too Many Sightings to Go Unnoticed

    Despite the inability of scientists to see the large beasts up close, there have been too many sightings by modern humans to deny the existence of gigantic bipedal apes that live in the wilderness away from other homo sapiens. Sasquatches, yeti and the like all have similar patterns of isolation in lowly-populated areas of wilderness. Just because something can't be seen doesn't mean it isn't there--just like atoms that can't be seen by the naked eye.

  • Hes just a hairy guy

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