Are school bands essential for students to succeed and have a successful future?

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  • Yes, they could find a gift in them

    If you say no, ur basically saying the same thing about P.E. I have passed Grade 7 on the trumpet and most of my progress has come from bands at school. Music is a great way to find confidence in yourself. But i understand the no side's opinion of coursee

  • Band Makes Kids Feel Confident in Who They are at School

    School bands, such as marching, jazz, and concert bands are essential for students to succeed. I have found that students feel socially welcome in band, which allows them to be more confident in many things they never thought they could really do because of all of the peer pressure and bullying in middle and high schools in this day and age. Because they are in band, and because they are confident and feel safe in this social group, band kids are also more likely to get better grades in school. Students in band learn life lessons about fairness, how to treat others with respect, to never give up, to love yourself no matter what anyone else says, that you have rights and have a say in your choices, and that you are unique in every way.

  • Band is not essential.

    Yes, I myself am a flute and piccolo player in the high school band, but it has nothing to do with my future. Honestly, the Marine Corps and the Criminal Justice degree I'm planning on getting couldn't care less on whether I've been in band or not. Yes, band does provide character necessities, but character and facts are completely different things. My apologies, but math, english, history, science and writing skills look better on an application for a job than, "I can play an instrument."

  • Bands and Musical Choices are better for many.

    They encourage different options in life and other things like happiness. I have TONS of fun during band and people who are in orchestra and choir are having fun too. Why don't you like them? They provide musical entertainment for the family and something else. Where do you think famous people like Lindsey Sterling and others started? Did they get lessons from their family members?

  • No, not entirely.

    I am in band and my older sister was not. I know of plenty of people that have succeed while in band and about the same amount of people that succeed that weren't in band. Some people can't succeed without band, while others can. Yes, it's like a family and creates long lasting friendships, but so do sport teams or other clubs. Band is not needed for a successful life.

  • School bands are NOT essential for success

    Obviously, school bands are good activities for music, practicing teamwork and confidence. However, they are not essential for students to succeed and have a successful future.
    The word "essential" means absolute necessary, according to the Random House Kernerman Webster's College Dictionary. But it's clear that school bands are not absolutely necessary for success, since music, teamwork and confidence can be also built in many other school teams, such as choir, debating team and dance team.
    Therefore, school bands are definitely not essential for success.

  • Do they help? Yes. Are they essential? No.

    Studies show that the average student who consistently participates in musical fine arts has higher testing scores than the average student who doesn't. However, students who aren't in school bands aren't doomed for failure. Look at fantastically smart people who were incredibly successful that were not in a school band. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and many others. To conclude, although school bands help, they are not essential to succeed in life.

  • Helpful fore some: yes. Helpful for all interested: possibly not.

    Having a group to belong to is a good thing undoubtably but as has been posted already, this type of social belonging can be found in other groups. I think that if a student is into jazz and there is a jazz club , fantastic, but if they dont like jazz then then they tough luck to them. Music clubs, i found, are far too specialist to really cater for many people and other school run clubs are better generally for uniting a student body. Forming a private band with like minded individuals i think is far better to generally accomodate people and having a school encourage musical independance is the best thing for the happieness and thus success of a larger student body (e.G. Practice rooms) . After all isnt individual expression what music is all about :)

  • Bands are good but not essential

    While school bands have their advantages, such advantages can be achieved by other school groups as well. Students can socialise and get more friends in many other groups, such as debate team or cheerleading team. Students can develop musical sense in choirs or orchestras. Their confidence can be honed through almost any group. School bands are not the only groups in school through which things such as social skills can be achieved.

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