• Yes, they are.

    Not only are school buses very safe, with several means of ways to get out in case of emergencies, they also have people who teach the students how to stay safe. The schools do evacuation drills every month or so that way if something does happen the students know what is going on, and know how to react in the situation.

  • Yes school buses are safe.

    Yes, I think that school buses are safe and that they can help to protect students in the case of an emergency such as a crash. I think that in the event of a crash that there is enough safety equipment on board through the seating and emergency exits that would mean that school buses are safe.

  • No no no.

    They are not safe. They have one point seat belts, and they are all metal. If a power line falls on the bus, the children are advised to not touch any metal, which is pretty hard because the whole bus is metal. Children are advised to walk on a rubber isle that is a food wide, walk down steep stairs without touching the railing, then to leave the bus. The windows aren't insulated so cold air seeps in when it's cold, and they can roll easily.

  • No, buses aren't very safe.

    No, I don't believe school buses are safe for children to ride in. They do not have any seat belts, and it is very bumpy. Beyond that, some bus drivers are not suitable for driving a mass amount of children around. And buses are also a place of bullying and other rude children.

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