Are school dress codes more distracting then the clothing itself?

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  • Disrupts Learning and causes arguments among students.

    If a teacher dress codes a student they will be hung up on it and complaining to their friends all day. This causes a distraction throughout class not just to that student but all of the other students. If a student who is not following the dress code does not get coded, it becomes an argument about why and people notice and comment more because their is a rule against it.

  • Girls are being targeted by dress-codes.

    Girls are constantly told that showing midriff, wearing 'tight' clothes or even showing shoulder is 'distracting'. However WHO is it distracting, boys? That's stereotyping. Other girls dont seem to have problems with it and the teachers should be able to focus on teaching not clothes. Really what is distracting is the needs and requirements for these sexist dress code rules.

  • Yes they are more distracting

    Kids worry about trying to look a little different from others, but someone will always be matching them so they turn to no uniform and they get suspended and that takes away from their learning. Taking time out of their learning will make it harder for them to earn and the schools test scores will go down then the school will lose money.

  • Another student has never pointed out my clothing.

    Honestly the only people who truly care about what a student is wearing in school is the administration. The dress code is also more enforced on girls than on boys. Girls will be sent home or told to change if someone can see their shoulder (who gets turned on or distracted by a shoulder seriously) however if a boy walks around in a cut off t-shirt no one will mention it. Also there are things that don’t make sense that is put in the dress code, such as not being allowed to wear PJ pants. If a person is comfortable in what they are wearing (whether it be a tank top or PJ pants) they should be allowed to wear it because no one else should have a say in how you express yourself. Uniforms take away from being able to express yourself, to take away that option is to take away a piece of freedom. Thank you for reading, if you have a comment please say something and I will gladly respond.

  • Certainly, dress codes don't help at all.

    Dress codes do not avoid "boys being distracted". I am male, my school had a UNIFORM and I would on occasion get distracted by girls' bodily contours (and yes I was a horny teenager and no please don't slam me for it). The uniform was very "proper" - it consisted of trousers even if the weather was hot. So if these girls wore more "exposing" clothing nothing would change.

  • Dress codes have started objectifying girls

    The dress codes have a lot more pieces aimed at girls and the clothes that most commonly wear. They say that bra straps cannot be showing even though everyone knows we wear bras. Of course there are straps, are you surprised? Shoulders are inappropriate but really only when they area girl's shoulders. Yoga pants are not allowed because boys spend more time staring at the butts they know exist rather than doing math equations. Oh wait, we sit down in math. I have never heard of a high school that makes their math classes stand up so how does a butt distract from learning? Dress codes teach people that it is okay to objectify women and that it is our fault if we get cat called or worse because we wore what we did. We should be setting rules and teaching people to respect each other, not making rules to try to stop people from disrespecting each other because no rule is going to stop that.

  • It's way more distracting than the violations themselves.

    Nobody in the history of modern schooling has ever been distracted by something like a dress code violation. Ask any student. The only people who seem to be distracted by these violations are TEACHERS, which is SICK.

    You're taking students time away from their education by forcing them to change their clothes, or shave, in class. It's time to stop.

  • Yes to a certain extent.

    I do think there should be limitations on the clothing we are allowed to wear. But, when schools start to make ridiculous rules like no bra straps(not always intentional) , no shoulders (look im so sexy because my shoulders are showing) and no bright colored hair. Come on some of these are just taking away our rights.

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  • Students should be wearing uniforms.

    I go to a school that has uniforms and no one judges you for what you wear. Bullying is a problem everywhere and one problem is the way people dress! No one can judge you for what you're because they will be wearing the something. It also make them look professional and they have a a higher chance to focus in school. School want their students to go to collage and uniforms will help them reach that goal!

  • I believe a dress code is necessary part of school rules.

    There are many different kinds of closing that would be distracting if allowed in schools, such as closing that is to short or revealing, or that might have inappropriate pictures or messages. School dress codes help to minimize these distractions and allow students to focus on more effectively on the class.

  • REy FEE AL

    School dress codes promote a safer environment. Students can not only get distracted by females but also because of bright shirts and clothing. Also expensive clothing and accessories. Schools should not have uniforms because of the cost but they should have definitely a strict dress code.That IS WHY
    Thank You

  • Your parents pay more money

    Your parents pay money for dress codes and regular clothes, but kids with dress codes can just wear the same clothes the next day, but when your school doesn't have a dress code, your parents have to pay more for different clothes each day of the school year. Money is what life runs on. Save money. The only way to get more money is stop taking things for granted and worf hard.

  • Students should wear uniforms

    The potential benefits of school uniforms include:
    - decreasing violence and theft--even life-threatening situations--among students over designer clothing or expensive sneakers;
    - helping prevent gang members from wearing gang colors and insignia at school;
    - instilling students with discipline;
    - helping parents and students resist peer pressure;
    - helping students concentrate on their school work; and
    - helping school officials recognize intruders who come to the school.

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