• Yes ! !

    When your in gym girls cant be comfortable in their own way, they can wear tank tops because of their boobs, they cant wear shorts because of their butt, and your clothes have to be almost baggy so they can not see their natural shape. When you look at the guys though, you see them sometimes walking around with no shirt... Why cant guys have to cover up?

  • It's about teaching respect

    Yes, characteristically dress codes are bias against girls. The aim is not to have too much of a girl’s skin or shape exposed. The assumption is she would be a distraction to boys or too sexualized. The problem with this; it places a girl in the position of a temptress, nor does it place any responsibility on the boys. It’s wrong thinking. Boys need to be taught respect towards girls no matter what they are wearing and to look upon them as another person not as an object of desire or distraction.

  • They Are Sexist

    Absolutely! Its such a shame that today a womens clothing is more important than her own education. When I see girls being SENT HOME just because their shorts were 1/4 cm length too short makes me sick. WE shouldn't have to create a 'distraction-free' environment' for men, that is NOT our job. We should be taught to respect everyone and their own choices.

  • Listen to me!! I vote yes, school dress codes are sexist. Listen to this soundcloud project I did for my college composition class. This argues that high school dress codes are indeed sexist towards female students. It highlights reasons why the dress codes are sexist, one main reason being that girls bodies are too distracting to boys.

  • Dress code is focused on female features and clothing.

    Shorts,spandex,crop tops,tank tops,v necks and more are restricted and these are all female clothing. When females are forced to change they are told they could "distract' males. As if its the females fault that then male wouldn't pay attention. Female students should not be held responsible for what distracts males.

  • Hands past your shorts? To way!

    Some girls have very long arm's and no girl in the right mind would wear shorts down to her knee's! The whole "Oh sweetie, those short's are a little past your fingertips" is a whole bunch of baloney! The same goes for skirts. It is fine if a dress is short but if it is short's it is a whole new ball game? WHAT?

  • It is insane!

    OMG! You know that school's don't try to be sexist, but they can't help them self's! Girls are judged on what they wear! If a girl wears a tank top she is asked to change, but for boys it's, "That's a cool shirt!" If it is a really hot day, then a girl should be allowed to wear whatever she wants!

  • Definitley sexist I think.

    A while ago, there was a boy who went to school wearing a dress and got arrested believe it or not for apparently causing a distraction. This was in Texas and there was another boy who wore a dress to school and got suspended. It's not fair! We should wear what we feel comfortable in and not fearing judgement.

  • Girls have a strict dress code, because of some girls, NEWS FLASH were not all the same!!!!!

    Some schools are aware that some girls wear inappropriate cloths but the rest of us don't dress like a slut! If there is a dress code on public schools their like, no bikinis and inappropriate outfits, but schools with a strict dress code they should teach that our body's are perfect the way that we are

  • I believe it is.

    If you take a close look at the dress codes of schools, you might notice that most of the points in the dress code targets girls and not boys. If a boy were to wear this stuff, because it does happen, they wouldn't get cited for wearing girls clothing that break dress code because the school would be afraid of getting sued.

  • Of course not.

    Some girls say that uniforms are sexist. This is not true. We all know that girls must look formal and nice in school. In my opinion, girls should wear thick black tights, shiny black shoes, and a pleated skirt EVERY DAY, even outside of school. Boys must be given the freedom to run, jump, etc. Girls should not do these things and must keep their legs together and act feminine. Girls are much weaker than boys and people need to accept that simple fact.

  • It's not just schools: Jobs and parties have them too.

    In this age of technology and sexual attire 70% of boys in America watch pornography and 30% of them are addicted. In the 1940s, Erectile dysfunction in men under 40 was less than 4%. Today, 26% of men under 40 have erectile dysfunction because of pornography. Even with boys who WANT to quit, the constant triggers around them, such as half naked classmates and billboards with bikinis, boys find themselves enslaved to pornography because seeing all of objectification of women makes them revert to an animalistic state.

    As a girl who sees logic in covering up, I believe dress codes have a place in schools. All of these posters by Liberal feminists say "BOYS need to learn to not stare at girls, and if you are sexualizing my thighs and butt, YOU are the problem." This is ridiculous. Boys are not the problem, they HAVE a problem. Girls are not as easily sexually aroused as boys are, and with puberty dumping hormones and testosterone into their bloodstream, girls take up a good amount of space in their brains. The male attraction to the female body is the result of hundreds of thousands of years of evolutionary development. As much as wealthy countries like America hate Muslims, they have discovered many ways for men to lower their gaze and abstain from material like pornography. One of which is fasting because hunger is seen as the strongest desire, even stronger than lust. Muslims call it "Lowering your Gaze." They believe that staring at a female's body in a carnal sense is violating her in a spiritual sense.

    Boys CAN and MUST control themselves as it is their fault for staring at a girl's exposed breasts. The girl however can also be considerate of a boy's lack of willpower and cover up a bit. This is the reasoning for female Muslims dressing modestly. The "Hijab" is actually not the head-covering, but any clothing that covers the skin and shape of the female body. Hair coverings were not as prevalent today in the past when Islam first started yet the women who covered the parts of their bodies (that men tend to stare at) were referred to as someone wearing hijab.

    Please, help them out a bit and remember that this is SCHOOL, not a STRIP CLUB.

  • It's not sexist if it applies to both sexes

    School dress codes apply to everybody, not just women. In a guy's outfit, how often do you see indecency? Not often, men don't show off their body, but women do. If a guy wore a spaghetti strap tank top, he'd be violating dress code too. I've actually seen a guy being dress coded for wearing really short shorts, so women, stop acting like they are targeting you and understand that female clothes is sluttier than mens

  • Same rules for everyone

    The same rules apply to everyone. Nothing sexist about it. If someone breaks the rules they need to be disciplined, I've seen both genders get coded before. The rules are pretty easy to understand there are no excuses. I've been coded before and it's not the end of the world, I knew I was breaking the rules and covered up.

  • Well, not inherently. But they sure as hell can be.

    When school dress codes are about student safety and being able to participate in class, that's fine. For example, you need to tie your hair back when you're in the lab because your hair could catch on fire and you could get hurt.
    Not being allowed to wear things that have racist/sexist slurs on them or graphic imagery is also fine - basic respect, people. And no, showing any part of your crotch area isn't ok, either. No one wants to see that.

    But when girls are being kicked out of class because their collarbones are showing, or being told that they can't wear makeup because it will "distract the boys", we have a problem. Sexualizing the shoulders and legs of teen and preteen girls is downright creepy, and the message that this ultimately sends to girls is:
    "If boys stare at you, it is your fault and you should feel ashamed for it. Also, it is your responsibility that the boys are not distracted - it's not like boys can control themselves or anything. Your body is inherently sexual. And we don't care if YOUR learning is disrupted. It's the BOYS' learning that matters".

  • Just because women violate code more often doesn't make it sexist

    In most dress codes i have seen (including the one at my high school) the codes were identical for both male and female students, and thus the codes themselves are not sexist. E.g. Shorts below the finger tips, no belly buttons, nothing sleeveless, no offensive content, and no showing underwear/bra. This code seems perfectly reasonable to me. Some claim that girls are more actively persecuted, but I think it's just that the supply of female clothing is such that they end up violating code more often. There aren't many clothes sold for men that would violate those conditions whereas for women, there are many. In my school years I also so plenty male students get told off for showing their underwear or not wearing a belt. School is supposed to prepare you for real life. There aren't many workplaces where you can where tube tops, short shots, yoga pants, or muscle tees.

  • No, the codes typically apply to both genders

    As a boy, I have no personal issue with dress codes, although I can see why schools do. Girls claim that dress codes are sexist, and they should be able to wear what they want without being objectified. The problem with the "sexist" argument is that it applies to both sexes, girls just tend to break it more. Boys at my school aren't allowed to where shorts without sleeves as our biceps may be too distracting, but girls can wear sleeveless tops as long as the straps are thick enough. I wouldn't call this sexist; boys and girls simply have different anatomies and different preferences about the others anatomy. For example, guys like boobs, girls like biceps, so typically there are rules in place so to not distract the opposite gender. For as much as we try (and this is true to both men and women) sexuality is hardwired into us. It's an instinctive response, and try as we may, it can be hard to fight for both men and women, so why not do away with the problem all together? Most of the stories that come up regarding dress codes are about girls, but from my experience in highschool, I can testify that girls complain more often about the issue and attempt to defy it. Guys simply don't wear short shorts or shirts that expose their stomaches, and if they did, they would be dress coded as well. Also, the argument "it's hot out" is just really not valid. I wear knee shorts and a t-shirt everyday in the summer, and I've never died of heat stroke. As for objectification of women, it's obviously a problem, but so is objectification of men. Sexuality is present in both men and women, and as a man I can certainly say that some girls just want me for sex. I don't think lust is an issue, so long as you keep your thoughts to yourself and never act on them without consent. The dress code simply aims to make schoolplaces a proffesional environment free from distraction, and if you think being able to wear your booty shorts or muscle shirt is more important than the education of those around you, you have a serious issue.

  • No it really isn't if both sexes are involved in getting dress coded.

    Yes girls are typically the ones to get dress coded but it's only because you can't follow the rules. So if your shorts are to short and your ass is hanging out it might be distracting to others trying to learn. Or if your boobs are showing it's even harder.

  • No it's all about professionalism

    The dress codes are very bit exaggerated when talking about what boys can wear compared to girls. Boys cannot walk around without shirts on, And that's a ridiculous statement to make. I've never seen a kid walk around without a shirt on unless it was for school sports, Not even gym class. This is because boys are taught to dress professionally, Just like young women are. Young women are told not to show off cleavage or expose private parts because it's not professional. If you walk into a job interview showing a lot of skin you most likely won't be granted the job you seek. Is that sexist? No! It's just common sense. Just like if a boy went to a job interview without a shirt on they would lose their job. It's not sexist, It's just about respect and professionalism.

  • No if it only attacks on gender

    The image that you see when you open this page shows what the dress code is live for boys and girls. Boys can go shirtless and wear shorts, But girls have to wear clothing that covers them up. This really annoys my because its sad to see that schools are preventing you girls from expressing themselves.

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It’s only human nature to be attracted to the female body, especially in adolescence