• Girls should be able to express themselves and be comfortable.

    Guys get to wear shorts all year but girls can't wear skirts that are higher than their knees??? This seems to be the problem in too many schools, teachers always saying it's a distraction for guys, but they need to grow up and mature a bit if a girl can't even wear a tank-top without being harassed or sent home to change. Now I agree, that girls shouldn't wear crop tops with leggings to school or cut-offs because it shows too much cleavage but we still should be ably to wear yoga pants or tank-tops

  • A dress code in a public school is ridiculously unnessasary and punitive.

    I would argue this because teachers and staff members dont have to follow it. What a bad example for a student. These teachers signed up for this job. Therefore, they follow its rules! Another reason is that, buying jeans, sweatshirts, proffesional clothing, etc. Is not AT ALL cheap. How do people expect that everyone is made of money. Im sorry, but if we pay enough to these schools and they expect us to pay even more! If we are going to help pay for this school, then we should have full authority to wear whatever we want. My final reason is that dress codes
    Spark conversation in class. Typical conversations i hear in school are "hey did you get "dress coded today?" And a conversation on a ridiculous dresscode becomes an all out rant.

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  • No, school dress codes are necessary and are not punitive.

    No, school dress codes should be required and are not punitive. School dress codes help to ensure that students are able to learn in an environment with fewer distractions. Following the dress code builds respect for proper authority. The dress code is not punitive as it does not prevent the student from wearing clothing that does not meet its requirements for other events where they are more appropriate.

  • School dress codes are a necessary aspect of setting student expectations.

    School dress codes play a crucial role in helping school administrations set expectations for students. Similar to workplace dress codes, school dress codes create the foundation for a professional environment in which the primary objective is to accomplish the business at hand. Once students understand these expectations, they are more likely to make learning a priority.

  • School dress codes, though possibly unnecessary, are not punitive.

    School dress codes may be unnecessary, but are not punitive. I don't believe a school comes up with a dress code to punish students or parents. Schools who have dress codes elect to use it to try and foster a better atmosphere of learning with less distractions. Where I live, dress codes are only at private and charter schools, so anyone who deems a dress code to be punitive has the right to go to a public school or some other school where there is no dress code.

  • School Dress Codes Work

    School dress codes are neither unnecessary nor punitive. Study after study has shown that school uniforms help students to focus on their work and to treat one another more equally. Dress codes are not as stringent as requiring students to wear uniforms, and help students to be aware that they are at school to learn and to work, not to hang out and attract romance.

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