Are school grades an accurate marker of intelligence?

  • Depends on the kind.

    Emotional wisdom and life knowledge cannot be calculated by the school system. Grades mark academic intellect, And even then, It's still a bit flawed. Someone might have incorrectly marked a test question. Nevertheless, I still think that, Generally speaking, School grades accurately mark academic knowledge, But not all kinds of intelligence.

  • Without grades, everyone would be equal

    With the help of the grading system, one can gauge his strengths and weaknesses. Without grades, you'll never know what you're good at and what is your weak point. There would be an unclear scenario without the grading system. Another point that can be bought up is that there is a fair classification of students based on their grades. Without grading, everyone would be equal. There would be a fairly balanced platform that portrays everyone's aptitude on the same level. And that is not fair to the people who are getting good grades and are actually intelligent, right?

  • Yes grades are a sign of intelligence

    Yes, you can be the smartest person and have the worst grades but if you are smart then you should be smart enough to know that grades are important and There shouldn't be an excuse of not getting at least a A- or Bif you put effort in it .

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  • Yes, grades are accurate up to a point.

    I think that grades are indeed an accurate marker of intelligence, but only to a certain point. There is only so much information that can be conveyed about a person based on what letter grade they received in a certain class. We need to look beyond grades, but respect them.

  • Yes, but not ideal.

    While school grades are not the perfect way to judge intelligence, they are the best method we have to gauge a student's ability to learn and retain information. The system has its flaws of course, and does not take some things into account such as the student's background and home life, but I cannot think of a better way to ascertain the same thing.

  • No, most of the time

    While grades are the most common way to determine students' intellect, they are not reliable. Einstein was actually doing poorly in school when he was young. He mainly focused on his imagination and not his school work. Several kids these days are very smart, but have poor grades. So no, it is not an accurate way of determining students' intelligence.

  • Not accurate basis.

    If we would put into conviction that "school grades" are the basis of one's intelligence and intellect, we would simply say that all those who have not achieved high marks in school, because of higher purposes, are not intelligent. There are many individuals who were remarkably intellectuals but were not honor students. The classroom is too small for their brilliance.


    Circumstances- things like college support, class, medical issues, friendships formed, upbringing, and lifestyle all have a huge impact on grades. There are too many variables!
    Someone may be good at art, but rubbish at maths. This does not mean they are any less intelligent than a person studying maths. It just means their minds work a different way.

  • No, I think no.

    No, because in school you can get good grades if you study and if you don't study and you get an F that doesn't mean you are not intelligent. One person can be really good in school but not to be intelligent. It depends. But I think that grades can't show how intelligent one person is. ;)

  • No it doesn't

    I believe grades show more of work ethic than really intelligence. I knew a few people in my class that were a bit unintelligent because they thought Africa was a country, but still made excellent grades and went to a good college. The smarter kids seem to me to make bad grades, because they just felt since they know it it was pointless.

    Posted by: TJW
  • They don't measure true intelligence.

    A grade is just a letter. It can stand for different things and could be a measure how much effort that student put into the class. But as far as trying to measure that student's intelligence, I do not think a letter grade can do it justice. Some kids end up with good grades because it was an "easy" class or an "easy" teacher. There are many other variables that come into this as well. For this, school grades really are not an accurate marker of intelligence.

  • I don't really think so.

    I believe that since a student can get down graded for forgetting to draw a line in science or for forgetting to put their name on a paper that no the grades we get in school do not actually show how intelligent some one is or isn't, it more shows if they can follow instructions or not.

  • No. It is not AT ALL.

    School grades do not tell how intelligent someone is. My teacher once talked to us about this when i was younger and she gave us an amazing example. There was this girl in her class who had been moving back and forth to different foster homes. When she arrived in her classroom, she was reading at a 1st grade level. As the year went by, she started reading at a 5th grade level! Isn't that a huge improvement. Her grades still weren't that amazing, but to move from a 1st grade level to a 5th grade level, takes a LOT of intelligence. A piece of paper can never mark anyone's intelligence accurately.

  • Intelligence is subjective

    There are many variations of the word intelligence. For example, Interpersonal intelligence refers to people who are good at communicating, Naturalist intelligence refers to people who understand the environment/nature, Etc. The current schooling system measures work ethic and memorization, Not intelligence. Many people have also been told that they are not intelligent because they failed in school, And that can cause a lifetime of misery and failure for the person.

  • Not at all

    Grades grade the ability to regurgitate information. Einstein is the gold standard we all hold genius at, but in graded school he did terrible. Mark twain said it best:"i never let school interfere in my education". In this digital age we're able to learn at a rate never imagined. Anything we don't remember can be googled.

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