• School WAAAAAAAAAAAY too long

    The reason i'm writing this is because school is waaaaay too long for my needs And i'm bored and have done all my work even though its a little bit over lunch my schools 6 hours long but needs to be 5-4 school needs to be shorter 3 day weekends

  • School Too long

    It's too long and besides, its 7 1/2 hours long and our brains get tired and we need to rest our brains and besides if we have longer school then take out homework because we can't all do everything it's not like we are octopuses with 12 arms so we can multitask

  • Schools have a time that leaves kids in a state of weakness

    The entire point of school is for learning and this argument is based of the idea of wether kids are learning due to long schools times. It might be more effective if the schools worked at about 4-5 hours tops along the times of 9:00 Am - 1:00 Pm. The kids would not only have more sleep and be more efficient in their studies, but also allow the teachers to have enough time to get all the information out properly.

  • Yes school hours are way to long.

    You spend your whole morning and afternoon and 2-3 hours at school. Everyday you have school. It actually it isn't fair why can't we just have 60 minutes every class or less for 4 classes. They wonder why students come to school all tired and bored. Students should have longer weekends like 3 day weekends.

  • Everything has a certain time for a reason.

    Teachers (at least at my school) need to teach one or multiple lessons in one period which is an hour and thirty minutes, and teachers need to cover all of the subject for students to pass exams in a certain about of months. If we were to shorten the time, it would take a very long time to graduate school, it would cause more days of school and less breaks. I find my hours reasonable, I take four classes for an hour and thirty minutes and a forty-five minute lunch for a high school. Life isn't fair, people should know this and get over it.

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