• Makeup and Popularity

    I feel like kids are growing up too fast. I feel like yesterday I was in third grade and now I'm about to be wearing makeup! I feel like popularity is hurting children's feelings and I agree. Now, I'd consider myself "older" because I'm about to be wearing makeup. I get scared.

  • Growing up fast with the wrong priorities

    If you mean : they graduate college sooner, start a career sooner, pay bills sooner, purchase a home or car sooner, etc...Then yes ,I'm all for it.
    But, if you mean dabbling and getting involved in adult vices? No way am I supporting that. There's a reason older people exist. We have the EXPERIENCE.....Young children do not.

  • In many terms

    Kids are growing up way too fast, academically, and in terms of knowing "adult concepts". At my school, kids used to learn Pre-Algebra in 8th grade. Now, they learn Geometry. At school, the people who used to start swearing were theh 6th graders, in the end of the year. Now, 5th graders swear, and swearing is so common. I hear kids saying the F*** word 5 times every 5 seconds. Also, they know a lot more about Human Growth and Development. Students used to know it in 8th grade. Now, they know it in 6th.

  • School kids are growing up too fast.

    School kids are definitely growing up too fast. It seems with standardized tests kids are expected to know more and more at an earlier age. For example, kids are now expected to enter kindergarten with a number of reading and math skills. Years ago it was during kindergarten that the children learned those skills!

  • No, the rate of aging had not changed.

    The question is trying to ascertain whether I believe that there are too many adult influences in children's lives, but I want to point out that the phrasing of the question will only create divisive and leading answers. As to the crux of the question, no - children have always had the lure of adulthood pulling at them, you can say that media has accelerated it, but radio, TV, and Newspapers did the same.

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