• Yes they are buds

    Schools in general have been relying on computers every since it's been available. Haven't you've noticed the rise of the uses of google classroom? Students who don't have phones or any sort of tech would tell the teachers about that problem and the teachers would be at a lost. IT would be as if they couldn't just normally print out the instructions or write it on the chalkboard for students to copy down. What, are papers a thing of the past?

  • Yes, even first graders have computers.

    In my school, even first graders have computers in my school. Next year, they're giving them to every child or teen in the school. Kids are too dependent on computers for this reason. They expect the kids to know what 2 times 5 is, even though they use their computer calculator and learn nothing from it.

  • Technology is expensive

    Many students are required to use a computer for their homework. The question is, why? Many students live in or near poverty! I know they can go to a library or use computers AT school, after school. Sometimes, however, students are unable to. When they show up to class empty handed, the teacher/professor scolds the student. In reality, the student just happens to be in most unfortunate events.

  • Yes, computers are required too much in schools.

    I was in school and college when computers were becoming more mainstream and used, and I could definitely see a shift to becoming very dependent on them, especially with programs like PowerPoint, where if the teacher could not get it to work, there went the whole class presentation, followed by panic. As a society overall, we're becoming too dependent on technology. We need to know how to teach without computers, as well.

  • Yes, schools are too dependent on the IDEA of computers

    There are too much focus on technology in schools. There seems to be a push for getting schools the latest Smart boards, desktops, and even iPads. People think that kids will excel if they have the tech. I think all of that stuff is great, and technology can help to cement lessons in childrens' minds - and make sharing information much for effective. But kids don't need all the flash to learn how to learn.

  • I don’t think that schools are too dependent on computers.

    I don’t think that schools are too dependent on computers. Computers are the wave of the future. Sooner or later, everyone is going to have to
    figure this out. There is no way around
    it. Computers are a good thing. They save storage space and allow us to carry
    out entire libraries with us.

  • Schools aren't, but kids are

    School's themselves aren't too dependent on technology. In a digital age when you can hold all your textbooks and many other things on one device, it's not a bad thing to switch to them. The problem I've noticed in recent year with the new generation is kids not absorbing and retaining the information they are being presented.

  • There is no such thing as "too dependent on computers" in academia.

    This is a ludicrous question on every single level. In case the asker of it didn't realize, computers touch every single part of our lives, every single day. There is no such thing as being "too dependent" on computers in schools. We need to have a workforce ready to deal with computing, and schools are the way we make sure they are.

  • Technology Is Expensive

    I do not believe that schools are too dependent on computers. I believe the reason for this, is the mere cost of technology, specifically up to date technology. I believe this has been a hidden blessing to school systems, since they are forced to continue on as before. I believe computers can help studies to a certain degree, but it would be bad for school systems to become dependent on them.

  • No they are not.

    School are in no way, shape or form too dependent on computers. Computers are a part of the future and schools need to focus more on computers. Thinking this way is like saying that schools are too dependent on electricity. The world is moving forward, and the schools need to keep up with it.

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