• Y3s beri bad (like breaking bad lolz)

    This very much bad cuz i h8 evry uniforms are badz becouse kids dont unifor cant even uniform becouse the 360 no scope cant with uniform thats why unforms is bads and pewdiepie is better dont go to school becouse thats bery mlg if ur gay or black ur wird lolzor b1tchez

  • They are bad!!!!!!

    When I go to school and play, they are uncomfortable as HECK!!! My principle makes me tuck in my shirt and when I play it untucks and I have to retuck it again and that is VERY annoying when I'm trying to enjoy my free time at recess time and it's only 30 MINUTES!!! Sigh... I hope a principle reads this.

  • Sch00l un1f0rms are very bqd

    StUd3nts d0 n0t gEt t0 expreSS theMse1ves. Sch00l un1f0rms d0nt lEt the stUdenT be mlg pr0 liek mE. TheY cqn n0t jUmp 0ff A bu1d1ng and 420 n0 sc0pe liek me. B3c4use of th4t un1f0rms sh0u1d and sh4ll b3 bqnned 1n th3 f4r bUt n0t d1st4nt fUtur3.

    Y0ur 0ne 4nd 0nly,

    mlg pro 420 scoper

  • They are horrible!

    We need to express ourselves and wear what WE want! Whats the point of looking like everyone else? I want to be unique! I should be able to dress girly or a punk or however i want this is the US the 21 century people get the through your head

  • Hi Iam Jacen I like school uniforms because they help prevent bulling. And I am in the 5th grade so I should know.

    Because Iam in the 5th grade I get bulled a lot . No I do not like at all but I have to dell with them. And some times I go home crying because some one was picking on me or hit me because they do not like my cloths.

  • Horrible. Horrendous. Horrifying. Hilarious.

    Uniforms are horrible. And everything I described above. But how?
    1) They stop people from being who they are. They stop you from being unique in your own way. They are HORRIFYING non-stylist and it stops diversity.
    2) They are HORRENDOUSLY expensive. I mean like... It cost's $50 FOR ONE PAIR OF PANTS!
    3) Did you know 50% of bullying is created from uniforms.

    Overall, you read above, and say that UNIFORMS ARE Horrible. Horrendous. Horrifying. Hilarious.

  • Uncomfortable Expensive Ugly

    Uniforms are very uncomfortable, they are expensive, and they are ugly. It doesn't help with grades a lot, and it doesn't get cheaper. It is unnecessary, and think about it, people are buying uniforms, so they can wear them everyday, and you cant possibly wear the same uniform everyday so its just a very bad idea

  • School uniforms are not good for the development of children.

    First, they can be very expensive. For example, one pair of pants can cost anywhere from $30-$40 and your parents have to buy regular clothes on top of that. Not just for weekends because think about the breaks you get from school. Also, they don't always eliminate bullying. For instance, if a bully doesn't pick on you for how you dress, then they will simply pay more attention to your other flaws. Finally, you can't express yourself. In addition, most children like to express themselves and how can they do so with dull and boring clothing. All in all, school uniforms are not a good idea.

  • They take away our individuality

    They dont give us the right to wear what we want. I mean you have to spend at least 50-100 dollars for at least one suit. Ive been in private school for 4 years and uniforms ruined the class, recess and the plays that the teacher made us do for our parents.

  • It makes non uniform days horrible.

    I'm a tomboy and when you have short hair and go to an all girls secondary school it means that I dread non uniform day. The reason being is that I get strange looks because I'm wearing lads clothes. If we didn't have a uniform it would become normal rather than strange to anyone who doesn't know me. And my school uniform is green, I mean really green, it's horrible and uncomfortable.

  • No they are not bad at all :)

    Well i had school unifrom when I lived in India, well think about it what does uni means it means unity, wearing unifroms shows that students are equal and are united.There r bullying based on clothes.I think that it depends on school, I agree that schools should not have a jacket or a coat or full sleeves there should be different for summer and winter.I have seen my friend and Honestly i have also been bullied by some cool guys who always wear clothes from branded companies, and etc.I have seen this and many people may have seen this too.Well put youself in others shoe.I have a debate on this topic only so I gave a idea for this topic and nobody wanted to be in my group because they dont like unifroms and I did my debate by myself there was no one in my team.
    Pls stop bullying guys who you feel that r uncool.
    Well think about it for a minute or so......

  • Of course they are!

    Some students don't like the fact that they have to spend 140-500 dollars to buy uniforms and then actually wearing them. 50% of bullying comes just from uniforms. And they take the creativity away from the students too, taking that away would bore them to death wishing that school never came the next day.

  • Very cool idea

    Easier, cheaper and equal and School Uniforms ensure no one stands out for their clothes

    School is a place for people to learn to be better. To learn subjects, and to interact with others. Unfortunately, many students use clothes for attention, making their school experience less useful and relevant. Girls dress sexy to get attention, some kids may dress like freaks, others like punks, and others still, in expensive clothes that others admire, thus gaining admiration without having worked for it. There should be school uniforms at all schools

  • Uniforms aren't bad they passify bullying

    No one can say that you look better then someone. It makes no sense it unifys schools evry day some could be getting bullied for their clothing and its not fair to that person. Uniforms are benefitial towards schools and then some. There fore you need no dress code. This way you have the same respected level

  • Stupid uniforms in Australian schools

    Kids in Australia have always wanted a chance to be unique and be able to express their opinions. Not to mention the cost of them. When it is hot outside we are to wear a blazer even if it is hot. It never lets children express their opinions. What if there was a natural disaster and parent can't identify the child

    Yr 7

  • Look at it this way

    Expressing yourself? Thats crap, you could easily go to a mall or somewhere out of school and express yourself there, having a uniform makes others in school, as in middle school, not judge eachother quite as often. There would be less bullying on what you were or not. It helps eachother succeed, and just like in sports how they all wear the same thing, that is confidence to help you do your best. School uniforms are sometimes really cute!! As in anime it is so cute for girls, i dont see what the problem is! Take what i have said and think about it for a while.

  • No! No! No!

    No they shouldnt make students wear uniforms then when we go and buy clothes that we wanna wear we cant wear them becuase of the schools and we cant have our own style wich is not far to other students out there schools should only be worried about teaching us they only need to be worring about what we are wearing as long as its not innaproperate but yes SAY NO TO UNIFORMS!!!!!

  • It helps people

    It helps people because without it some kids wear stuff half naked to express they're feelings such as love so they wear half naked as is stated before. Also to keep safe on field trips so if someone gets lost they can recognize them far by their uniform. You should like uniforms.

  • Bad idea bad idea

    School uniforms are so ugly they're garbage and they don't even make you look like a team it makes you look like if you're in jail. Its a horrible idea so what ever you do don't buy school uniforms please. FYI they cost like $100 dollars for the whole set like the shirts, the pants, and the shoes.

  • Less self expression

    If you wear uniforms to school, then all the students lose there personality. Though it does get people bullied, I'd rather the school ban clothes bullying than make all the students lose their inspiration through clothes. This will ruin student's creativity and not be able to let them express themselves. So, I think that we shouldn't have uniforms.

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Uniform is horrible