• Yes I think School Uniforms are better.

    School are very comfortable to wear so that students get a chance to focus on their studies. Student would not have to Compare about what the student is wearing every day.
    School Uniform save time in the morning because then you can easily pick out what to wear.
    School Uniform will save money then parent having to buy clothes for students every day. Causal clothes can be worn every day then school because school is a place to learn and Achieve your best.

  • Yes

    i think school uniforms are extremely necessary because then kids don't take school as a base for showing off their clothing. School is not a fashion place, it is a place for students to enhance their knowledge. It is a place where you learn, not dress to impress. If school uniform it would eliminate a possible distraction to the student body. It would allow kids to focus more on what is important.

  • Yes it is!

    I believe that school uniforms are huge benefit! Not only do school uniforms clean up an image, but they also eliminate social issues between students. Instead of trying to stand out by buying high end clothes, a student can focus on academic goals and progress. Simple dress codes just gives students the right to focus on other things.

  • School uniforms help students stay more focused.

    As an educator, I have seen what having a simple dress code in place accomplishes. All it accomplishes is giving students something to argue with their teachers about. They will always try to find ways around the actual dress code. As for an actual uniform, it is something that is completely controlled. With no actual wiggle room the students will quickly forget about what clothes they are wearing and focus more on their studies.

  • School uniforms does not change who we are.

    I mean, I still feel like myself even though wearing uniforms. I prefer uniforms over dress codes, because I like something that has already been planned, no need to worry about getting sent home or getting my grades down or even possibly stay back a year. Simple dress codes are nice, I'd admit that. But, I'm just a lazy person to work out what should I wear every weekday. You'd also would be more focused on studying rather than caring what are you wearing the next day of school. Also, my fashion sense are very bad.

  • School uniforms will help kids to have more sense of belong and the trouble will go down.

    I have seen kids in my school choose their friends just depending on what someone wears, even just their shoes are a sine of which quote-on-quote "rank" their in. With school uniforms that would change everyone would get to know everyone better and make friends. And its less money to spend on the latest trend. An some kids have even been robed and shot/killed just because of what they are wearing! I think that school uniforms will help with all of this! How would you like to be bulled or robed or killed just for what your wearing! Think about it.

  • School uniform are better

    School uniform are better : You will study more hard and don't have to think about what outfit you should wear and there would probably be the mean group that always judge other by how they look if they don't wear brand-name stuff they would say bad stuff or bully you

  • School uniforms are better than dress code because

    Uniforms are easier to enforce than dress code and most kids get bullied at school for what he or she is wearing and a having a uniform will keep the child from being bullied by the quote-on-quote "fashion police". Most dress codes are also very gender specific towards females and have a uniform will keep the female students from feeling like an outcast.

  • School uniforms are better than simple dress codes.

    School uniforms are better than simple dress codes.School uniforms are better because everyone would basically be wearing the same thing so there is even less distraction and parents are able to save money because they may be able to buy fewer clothes because the student can wear each outfit more often.

  • Sometimes it is

    Dress codes are sometimes better in low income areas where they can find items that fit the dress code at thrift stores or charity stores without them being the exact uniforms. Uniforms do look very professional though. It is just sometimes hard for poor people to be able to get the exact uniform.

  • School uniforms are not better than a simple dress code.

    School uniforms are not better than a simple dress code. We send our children to school for the education not so they can be judged on how they dress. Students should be allowed to wear anything that they want to wear to school as long as it does not affect their learning.

  • Free expression for all!

    What people wear effects how they look. If I am wearing pj's and my bookbag is halfway open, That reflects who I am. That's me. What am I gonna do with a uniform? Unbutton it? C'mon now. That's not me at all. Think about it guys. Uniforms go down fr

  • They gay ok

    Gay uniform no, Eat dog instead. When hallywae thy walks, Art thou dose desire frre movement. Espresso. What else. Penis stiff ok. Yummy in my tumme. Chicken btw NO DIM SIMS. Much outrage. Uniform expencivo and like not fair on people judge, They restrict to silly uniform that is feel bad, Yes?

  • We hate uniform

    There isn't a point kids hate uniforms because it traps their creativity. Teachers worry that kids may wear inappropriate but even in uniform girls still wear incredibly short skirts and not even being allowed to wear leggings but only school trousers which many hate get rid of the uniforms please

  • Heck no b

    I'm doing a essay on this for school, and lemme tell ya school uniforms suck. It has been proven in experiments from multiple different universities that uniforms literally don't effect your grades or the "amount you can focus". Most schools just use school uniforms as a way to "brag" about their status and wealth. Its much more political than anything else.

  • Ban uniform usage !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Uniform deletes creativity our uniqueness will be lost everyone will be the same and It can cause a harmony many people has agreed but school just don't care like islam need to wear hijab started from primary but school aloud it when we were high school so BAN THE RULE OF USING UNIFORM!!!!!!!!!

  • School Uniforms Prevent Bullying.

    School Uniforms help prevent Bullying. Roughly 160,000 students miss school daily due to the fear of intimidation of their looks and clothing. But with school uniforms lots of students will wear the same thing so more students will come back to school on a daily basis and will also enjoy school.

  • What if there's an emergency

    Think about this what if an emergency happens and you pick up the wrong person/child you would be so sad when you figure out what happen. That's so sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I'm so awesome and cool and nice and funny and so Isaac that's my name so have no uniforms be free

  • Creativity of the individual

    Individuality is the core of schools across America. Let's harness that creative individuality via a dress code but not restrain it as a uniform would. I have met loads of people who agree. Institutions are falling apart because the students don't want, and don't need a dress code. Don't harm the students, help them.

  • No School Uniforms

    Have you ever wondered what school would be like if we had free dress every day? I think it would be amazing. Having free dress every day would be so much fun. Instead of having the same, boring outfits every day, you could have a unique style that is true to you. Plus, school uniforms are uncomfortable, pricey, and limit creativity! What student would like that?
    Uniforms are very uncomfortable. Letting students have comfortable clothes every day for class can really help them focus more. Tight or itchy clothes can distract a student in class if they are too annoying. Difficulty getting dressed is also a factor with preppy school uniforms. It is a hassle to put on a dress and do your hair all nice, just for a normal school day.
    Also, schools that have uniforms require you to purchase extra clothing. If a student’s parents do not have enough money to afford new, custom uniforms for school, then their child will no longer be able to attend that school. Students miss out on a learning experience that could be fantastic. But with free dress, that child can learn and enjoy their school year.
    Schools without uniforms make students happier. In a survey, seventy-eight percent of students voted for free dress over uniforms. That is most likely because it allows them to express their creativity. It lets the student decide what to wear and makes them feel unique in their very own way.
    If I had to choose between free dress and uniforms. I would definitely choose free dress because it is the better way to go for all the schools. Free dress is great and makes everyone’s life easier. With uncomfortable, pricey, and uncreative uniforms out of schools, everything will be better.

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Anonymous says2013-03-15T16:58:33.610
i think uniforms take away your rites!

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