• I go to a uniformed school.

    School uniforms are ugly, demeaning and expensive as hell. My school has used them for years and it is $45 for a crappy polo and $55 for a pair of pants. It is required, however, so there is no choice but to pay up. Some people say that uniforms keep worse off students from feeling jealous. First, the price of the uniforms keeps worse off students from attending the school at all, and they just make everybody look equally ugly and feel equally hot and uncomfortable. But hey, it looks good in the school's sales pitch to parents, so we wear them every day.

  • Even criminal stupidity.

    School uniforms are bad for the psyche of young people. Some stupid and rich parents have ambitions to show: i can do like oxbiridge - that's funny. Uniform is good for an army, for a prison and other places like mentioned. The best place for uniform fans would be camp of ISIS, i think. Order, order, order. Respect, respect and respect.

  • Obsolete and Annoying

    Wearing the same exact thing 5 days a week is OVERKILL and VERY UNNECESSARY... I'm a junior in high school and I wish I could do something to change it. I really do not understand why some IDIOTS out there are trying to DEFEND SCHOOL UNIFORMS!!!!! This is the main reason why I HATE SCHOOL WITH A BURNING PASSION!!!!!

  • School uniforms are definitely not obsolete.

    School uniforms will make students seem equal. Whether a child is from a rich background or a middle class background, no one will be able to identify as they are wearing the same thing. People will only identify them as a student of the particular school. Moreover, there will be no discrimination or bullying. Hence, school uniforms will prevent discrimination and at the same time give students a sense of equality

  • No

    Do you want to be bullied just because someone thinks that the clothes you are wearing are ugly? Don’t you want everyone to seem equal and therefore create a safe learning environment? Well that means that we should keep our school uniform. It may seem surprising to you that I’m saying this but and you think ahead and see the consequences of this action of having no school uniform. You will be surprised and later on, I will be explaining some of these consequences later on.
    First, let’s look at some statistics conducted in 2010. When there was an experimental ‘no school uniform week’ in the school of Tricantrias in North America. And the research conducted can really give you an insight into what is possible if there is no school uniform in an ordinary middle school. And the outcome was that there was a massive increase in activity of bullying and harassment in the whole school only because of the type of clothes that people wore. E.G a rich kid in school was wearing expensive clothes where as a child who belonged to a middle class family wore his normal clothes and the rich kid started bullying the middle class kid because the rich kid felt superior to the middle classed kid. Furthermore, the rich kid developed bad personalities such as arrogance. So when there is a free choice of clothing, this can happen. Whereas when there are students in school uniform, everyone is equal, as in wearing the same clothes and the same color so there is no feeling of superiority between pupils.
    The other reason is that it is much safer for children; it can distract children from their education. Most pupils would be interested in who’s wearing the latest fashion and this can potentially contribute to distracting students from their education.

  • School Uniforms are Obsolete

    School uniforms are bad for the psyche of young adults. Children want to express themselves through clothing and they should have the right to do that. Mandating clothes is insane, and it is unnecessary. Some kids want to dress comfortable, but they can't, because they have dress code obligations. School uniforms are not necessary.

  • Yes school uniforms are obsolete

    There is no need for them to exist beyond controlling the kids. As I've said before, schools are there to educate, not to dictate behavior or in this case fashion sense. They are entirely out of their bounds to force uniforms on students and always have been. It is not their business nor concern. So yes school uniforms are obsolete and should be done away with.

  • Waste money on other clothes

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  • They are not.

    School uniforms are not obsolete. There have been many studies showing that schools that have adopted uniforms have had much higher test score then schools that do not have uniforms. Anything that we can do to increase our youths education is a good thing. If anything schools that do not have uniforms are obsolete.

  • They do what they have always done.

    School uniforms are not obsolete. Historically, they have increased the amount of order and regimentation in a school, and they continue to do that. Given the increase in crime in many cities and the more lax standards for what kids go out of the house wearing these days, perhaps uniforms are needed more than ever.

  • School uniforms are definitely not obsolete.

    I think that school uniforms are more relevant today than they have ever been. With the growth of gang violence in schools, school uniforms allow for schools to control the appearance of gang colors in the building. It is incredible to see how quickly students can respond to a color worn by another student in a classroom. As a teacher I have seen how differently students act when they are required to wear a specific uniform versus how they act when their wear whatever they want.

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