• What do you think?

    Schools are ruin by these crazy uniforms so be it
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  • What do you think?

    It's madness! School uniforms don't ruin schools, and you know why? I don't have enough poon to look at, because the damn skirts aren't short enough! We need to follow the American culture, and customs: short-shorts, crop-tops, and pig tails. Mmmhmm. At least for the teachers. I can't focus on my math class for more than a flat minute.

  • School uniforms suck

    School uniform should definitely be banned for many reasons. First of all, pupils should be able and should be encouraged to express themselves and be creative with what they wear.
    Everyone wearing the same uniform takes away their individuality and the right to be able to wear whatever they want.
    Own clothes are more comfortable and in the cold, school uniforms aren't warm enough. Surely we can wear badges to say which school we are from, especially on school trips!

  • I DO think that uniforms are ruining schools

    Uniforms are ruining the schools because kids don't have the chance to wear what their parents buy them or they can't express themselves to others when they are wearing the school uniforms daily. Yes, every student is pretty much wearing the same thing but that way you cant have fun with clothes.

  • Its varies betwen schools

    School uniforms aren't, on the whole in the US, widely implemented, and the effects of uniforms on school aged populations most likely varies from school to school. It is impossible to say if uniforms are ruining schools with any confidence since uniforms, historically, were the norm, and there's nothing to say education is inherently better or worse today than it was.

  • Yes the school uniforms are!

    Yes the uniforms are bad to schools because people dont just wear uniforms all their life or wear the same clothes every now and then.Some people are poor and dont have enough money to go and buy their kids clothes whenever and wherever.Students should be able to waetr whatever they want everyday but still follow rules,laws, and policies.If they take it too far by wearing non-uniform, they should jus be notified and taught what the right thing to wear and do is.

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