Are school uniforms the most effective way to eliminate social and economic differences between students?

  • I think more schools should require students to wear uniforms.

    Having uniforms decreases some bullying and saves a lot of money for parents. I'm a kid who goes to school wear everyone is teased all the time. The biggest reason -- what you wear. All the time it's, "I don't like your shoes or your shirt" or something. And keeping up with the latest trends? I'm practically broke now. All we kids go through way too much trouble trying to wear the right stuff just to feel normal. I think all schools should have uniforms.

  • I think it's a good idea because it keeps kids focused.

    Most likely kids won't be as bullied as much and can focus on school instead of other things. Girls won't have to worry about wearing cute things for the boys. Some girls at my school will wear very in appropriate stuff for their "boyfriends". This is why I think school uniforms are good for all grades:)

  • We need to take a stand

    If we don't take a stand for young kids. So many have died because someone else has made fun of them. They should no longer feel alone. They need to feel like some one cares and they are not alone someone will always be here. Someone will listen for once. No more making fun of they will look the same

  • School Uniforms...YES

    School Uniforms are necessary for schools because of the decrease in bullying, better grades, and discipline. Clothes should be the reason why kids get bullied or buying new clothes all the time spends money. School uniforms gives a sense of modesty for them during school also. It is also beneficial for when the kids get a job they will have to have a specific uniform. Yes to school uniforms! :)

  • school uniforms are necessary

    school uniforms reduce the amount of students being judged for wearing something that might be cheaper or considered "not cool." Students should not be judged based on their looks or what they were. They should be recognised for their personality . Clothes are not the only option to stand ut of the crowd and be yourselves. Your behaviour is what makes you who you are.

  • Uniforms are good

    Down the line, students will go into the real world and need jobs. Most jobs require some sort of uniforms or strict dress code, so what's wrong with teaching our kids how to dress professionally while in school? Not to mention that bullying rates, crimes, gang offenses, and even vandalism would go down. Uniforms are an overall improvement to the school's sense of unity and pride as well.

  • Good

    Potential benefits attributed to school uniforms include improved discipline, increased respect for teachers, increased school attendance, fewer distractions, improved academic performance, increased self-esteem and confidence, lower overall clothing costs, promotion of group spirit, reduction in social stratification and fashion statements, improved classroom behavior, lower rates of school crime and violence, and easy identification of nonstudents

  • School unifroms are good,

    People get bullied in schools less because they do not have to fit in and buy the newest hottest cloths. Peer pressure would be elimanated while trying to lear. They may not fix everything but it does help, most schools with uniforms have better academic scores. School uniforms will also eliminate gangs on campus.

  • Yes, school uniforms are beneficial.

    While school uniforms do not completely eliminate differences, they play a massive role in creating an environment that propagates a sense of equality. I do not support the view that uniforms help in reducing bullying as bullying can be attributed to several other factors like looks, popularity and beliefs of the targeted persons. However, it takes away a lot of unnecessary pressure on not just the children but the parents as well, both financially and emotionally. Growing up in an environment where everybody wears the same clothes does create a feeling of unity. I don't see how uniforms curb individuality or creativity. Rather they create a forum that is more inviting to let out one's views and opinions without the burden of being excessively judged by the financial background of the student.

  • Heck Yeah

    I believe that uniforms are the best route to go when in school. Simply because the children have something else to focus on other than what latest trendy clothes the next kid has on. This shows the student creativity, individuality in another perspective. The child needs to know that their job is to go to school and learn. Not go to school for a fashion contest. Children need reality checks that once you're grown, uniforms are worn in every profession. This shows you're apart of something (unity). Lets not only prepare the child for college but for other rerouted circumstance and the real world!

  • Terrible

    Why would anybody want to wear uniforms? Studies show that changing kids clothes so that they all look the same doesn't reduce bullying. Where is the individuality? It isn't right to make everyone look the same to ensue discipline. And I don't agree that most jobs require uniforms. When children get out into the world they won't have a uniform to get dressed in every day. And chances are they won't dress that well because they weren't given a chance to develop their style as a kid.

  • No wayy!

    school uniforms take away individuality. If i had to wear a school uniform id drop out of school. sure people get made fun of but that doesnt mean squat. learn to deal with it

  • Uniforms do not change the fact that bullying will still exist.

    Students will be bullied not by what they wear, but along other things such as their gender, weight, height, facial features or even their skin colour. Uniforms are not effective, I know of many schools where bullying still exists and has not decreased at all. These uniforms can create more social tension by causing others to judge you with new and improved bullying ideas and tactics.

  • School uniforms are not the most effective way to eliminate social and economic differences because this should be done through education.

    First of all, I do not understand the need to eliminate social and economic differences. We are not a socialist country. Socialism was attempted in the communist countries and it failed miserably. Education is the proper means of bridging the gap between the two groups. Appreciation and understanding is what is key here. I was raised in a lower middle class neighborhood. I had teachers in high school who would take us on field trips to help lower class neighborhoods with various projects. Things like this would help more.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • School uniforms do nothing but hinder students and help promote discrimintion.

    I attend a public school with a uniform dress code for all students. Having to wear a uniform only shows more who his poor or rich. The unifroms come from many different compines and the highend colthing is worn by the rich kids and the poor kids have to wear genertic brands. the system of uniforms is ineffective and fueling hate.

  • Uniforms are not effective

    School uniforms are not the solution to social and economic- related bullying. There are other ways to show how much money you have in addition to what clothing you wear. Devices,school supplies, and even the vehicle you get picked up in can indicate your economic situation. In fact, clothing is one of the least detectable difference between those who are wealthy and those who are not- many less expensive stores mimic brand name styles.

  • Uniforms stink and they always will.

    Uniforms cost a lot and then in the middle of the school year when you need more you spend all day driving around town looking for them but you are really just spending extra money on gas. Uniforms are boring and we are only kids once so we should be able to wear what we want

  • There Are Many Other Ways to Solve These Issues

    Giving a child a school uniform only takes away the biggest art canvas that they have that they can use to display to the world who they are. How others react to that is their problem and can be dealt with in other ways. Schools focus more on uniforms and enforcing dress codes that other major problems fall to the wayside; such as healthier lunches, modern school books and tech. etc. Bullying is a case of its own that should be dealt w/ in other ways. Uniforms are not the answer, its way more serious than that.

  • Students should not wear uniforms!

    During the day you constantly have to worry about having your shirt tucked in and keeping everything according to code. While worrying about tests you are also constantly worrying about getting caught with a uniform violation. Students have enough stress in their lives; why add more? We should not wear uniforms.

  • Let them express themselves.

    Children in middle school and high school are at a time in their life when they can express themselves with all the bright beautiful colors. Not khakis, navy blue, or plain white shirts, you can at least give them a break and give them all the free choice of polo shirts .They deserve it .

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