• They are very strict

    I go to sites recommended by teachers ad they are blocked like common math game site is marked as inappropriate so I am very upset. Fuck the school system. They are stupid and need to be sued. Very gay yes lmao lol. The school's web filter should be destroyed permanently. . Yes

  • School filters are too strict.

    At my school, they issue us expensive macbook airs and iPads, but they only allow us to use a small portion of the applications and websites they were meant to use. They even blocked educational games, and some websites, as well as most technology sites, news sites, and youtube until 6th grade. This is completely absurd, and completely preventable. For the unlucky some of us who try to find ways to get to listen to music around their big filter, we get completely shut off. For me, I can't even access textedit, or notes, or even chess!! So stupid.

  • 31% clearly aren't students and/or weren't around when computers came in

    The school censors everything. It even hurts the teachers too, but the real sad thing is that they still appear to believe their own bs about preparing us for the real world. The real world is both unfiltered and full of offensive things. They'd have done better to try to teach us to not freak out at something we disagree with. I get the idea of not letting adult images on a student computer but even that's misguided. Anyone with any tech could easily find it, but all this censoring in the name of stopping that has consumed games(for freetime), legitimate sources, and honestly i'm surprised this site isn't blocked. They blocked the fanfiction site and quotev....Sites with hundreds of thousands of word fanfiction i'd gladly read before anything pushed by english(grammar nazi and shakespear) class.

  • Definitely too strict.

    Most schools do block out inappropriate things, but most of the time, they are going way too overboard with the protection. If the students cannot access a website that allows them to work on their project, an adjustment needs to be made. If the schools are clouded enough to think what they doing are right, they should look again. They are deliberately blocking the student's ability to learn.

  • Definitely too strict

    I am currently doing a research product on the legalization of marijuana in world issues and almost every site I try to use is blocked and it is making it hard for me to do my project that my school assigned me. They may not be smart enough to keep me out of the files but they seriously need to actually check what they are blocking. Also they had Movie maker blocked and that is what we had to do in my interactive digital media class and the teacher had to file a complaint to get it unblocked, and we still had problems with the accessibility.

  • Filters are necessary, but school ones are way too strict.

    My school blocks so much useful stuff, but fails at blocking the stuff they are trying to. They try to block many YouTube videos, but there are so many sites that are basically a youtube proxy that aren't blocked. Same for games. Many useful sites are blocked because they are "prohibited Blogs and Forums content". I've had to get around the blocking just to do my school work. Filters are definitely necessary, but commonly used ones are way too strict.

  • Yes, way too strict

    Schools need web filters to some extent, but they go over board! I understand that schools need web filters to keep kids from getting on inappropriate stuff. But kids need to do research on school projects and cannot do that because the web filter prohibits them from doing that. When kids are aloud to have free time, they cannot play many games because the web filter wont allow it. Some games aren't acceptable but at least actually go on websites, before you try to block them.

  • They are way too strict!!!!

    I cant even do research i need because half the websites are blocked. I have to change my topic because i do not have enough information i need because the websites are banned.I had to switch to a topic that was boring and i did not want to learn more of!! :(

  • Come on people!!!

    I am a student but that dose NOT cloud my judgement. I constantly am blocked from sites because they are categorized as "games" or "audio and video". I think schools are being overprotective,no not overprotective, ridiculous. My school also won't think about a school hour block. What they do instead is block any site they think won't be useful and block everything.

  • Some are, but some are not.

    Obviously schools need to block sites that are not okay to go on. But some sites that are needed for research and also sites that aren't harmful aren't needed to be blocked. Some may argue that if the school blocks it it's fine because it might encourage access to sites that have no harm would be accessible during teaching hours. What if they blocked sites that were needed for educational purposes. Like Nazis maybe (like another person stated). Some school web filters are too strict, but some aren't and are pretty fair.

  • No school web filters are not too strict.

    First of all, there are a lot of distractions to come along with unblocked sites. They distract work, they throw students off task, students are consistently checking their phones, and teachers are always asking them to put them away. Second, There is a lot of inappropriate posts on social media with bad words, and content, that may present information made for much more mature audiences. They are also not school friendly, as social media in general. There is increased conflict, which calls as cyber bullying. There may be offensive content that upsets people, and it is the schools problem. It is much easier to focus and stay away from inappropriate sites when it is blocked or filtered.

  • They keep kids safe

    If you dont have web filters you kids looking up all kinds of images. You need them because if there aint a teacher in there you would kids doing all kinds inappropriate things with the internet. It is also the law that you have to have a internet filter in schools.

  • They should have web filters

    Students might use it when they are not even 18 or older. See some of this web sites are bad. That why we need web filters. Kids are think they are smart but they are really not. They know what they are doing and they are getting on very bad sites like sexual material.

  • It's for a reason.

    No, school web filters are not too strict. I feel that this is for personal gain. Entertainment should not be imperative in a learning environment. Get your own electronics. The filter blocks out vulgar websites as well. Students should not have the freedom to indulge in adult-oriented websites. The computers belong to the school, and they should be used the right way.

  • Entertainment Websites Not Necessary

    In many public schools, there are several websites blocked. Some are for obvious reasons, such as pornography sites, but I assume you're referring to the unexplained sites that would cause no harm. However, school is a place for learning. If the teacher means to allow a website, they can allow it. If they don't, students should be focusing on their work and not going on sites that have any reason, no matter how small, to be blocked. Allowing websites not related to the lesson is unnecessary and encourages surfing the web in class.

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MechVarg says2015-05-01T05:09:38.490
My school's is.
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-05-01T09:08:14.543
Usually, I think they're not too strict, but too inaccurate. Pornography is blocked, which is good, but at the same time, teachers can't get sex ed materials from the Internet.
MarsUltor says2015-05-06T20:03:25.490
My school's is retarded I was searching up Atheist and Religious sites and it would randomly say you can go to that Christian site but not that one, you can go to that Atheist site but not that one. What was stupider was it was banning them for "alternative Beliefs".