• What is theis work coming to?

    Personally, I don't think having guards is very effective. Schools have done just fine without them for a LOOOOONG time, why start now?
    Plus, having armed guards could make younger (and older) students uncomfortable and unfocused on their lessons because there's a guard in the hallway. If someone breaks in, fine, someone broke in. But is there really anything of value in a school? It's a school, not a prison, not a bank to be protected. If the students are that defenseless, they need to take a field trip to a fencing arena or just have someone teach them about protecting themselves.
    It may also give them a false sense of security. They get used to guards in school, so when they're walking down a dark street at night with nobody around, they aren't prepared for muggers or kidnappers or pickpockets or murderers or rapists. This is the real world, not the Christians' heaven! Think realistically and hit your head on a pole—you just might get three ounces of common sense. Repeat until the majority think you're thinking rationally.

  • Armed guards won't change a thing.

    Putting armed guards in schools won't change a thing. For example, if someone planted a bomb while sneaking through the guards, and the bomb detonated, then would it even matter if you had armed guards in the school? My point is, it's school. School is not a prison, nor is it a place where you have guards standing there with a weapon. If this were an elementary school, students and parents would be terrified. Who's to say these guards are to be trusted in the first place? Sure, they are guards, however we still need to be cautious about what they do in a school. Seems silly to think that way, however you always need to have that thought running in the back of your head. Keep schools the way they are, without armed guards.

  • School is not prison.

    Yes, schools are better off without armed guards, because armed guards will make students very uncomfortable. Students will act like prisoners if they are treated like prisoners. Students will not feel comfortable learning if they are treated with suspicion all of the time. Students need to feel welcomed in school. Guards are not welcoming.

  • Yes I think so.

    I think there are better ways of protecting schools than posting armed guards all around. I think that the best way for a school to protect the students is to make sure that the adults interact with the children. They should be involved and make sure bullying is not happening.

  • Yes, schools are not prisons.

    Yes, schools are better off without armed guards, because the armed guards make students feel uncomfortable. A student cannot learn in an environment where they feel as though they are in a jail. Unless a school has a particular problem with gangs, armed guards are not conducive to the learning environment.

  • School Is Not a Military Zone

    I do not believe it is necessary for armed guards to be posted at schools. While we have had many shooting incidents within the United States at schools, there has not been one incident that has been better due to an armed security guard. Because the incidents are so rare, it is difficult for a school security guard to obtain the training necessary to do their jobs in the rare case they are needed.

  • Yes they are.

    Schools do not need armed guards, it is a school not a prison. Yes, some areas have gangsters and teenagers, but if you do not give them the chance to behave they will not do so. They need to know they are trusted so they can also trust others back.

  • Protection in todays society is necessary

    There are varying means of security is many public places. Putting armed guards in schools creates a sense of security in an area and can help in more ways than just intruders. Having people of higher enforcement can decrease drug use and fighting around a school campus. Also, it wards off people who could pose a threat because its pointless to attack an armed area.

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