• Schools are great

    The schools here in the nation today are doing a great job at getting us ready to go to the world of work, at least where I went to school they did. We had teachers who would teach us important things about what careers to pick, and how to balance money.

  • No, they are not equipping children for life

    Classes like Music Appreciation and History will not often be used in the real world. With technology becoming more advanced, the information for things like history can easily be accessed, so are not needed. Classes like those are almost never needed in work, and even if they are, modern technology makes getting the facts easy.

  • No, schools are not.

    More schools need to establish career centers. Career centers are useful for teaching children to learn about a field they may want to go into. Schools also need more funding for arts to help develop higher learning and innovation for today's world. Arts are important to help children see and feel things in a way you can't get with standard education.

  • No they aren't.

    I don't believe that schools are properly equipping children for the world of work. I think that they just do the bare minimum to pass the student in many cases, particularly if they feel that the student isn't going to go on to college. I don't feel that my school prepared me for the real world at all.

  • Schools are not preparing children for the real world.

    There has been a major shift in the emphasis of education in the U.S.A. during the last 70 years. At the end of the 1940s a college graduate in Engineering or Chemistry was expected to be able to go into a plant and understand the basic processes and equipment that were in use. Now a graduate has very little knowledge of what is actually being done or why. To verify this, compare the textbooks from that period with the ones in use today.

  • Social manners required for career success are not taught in school.

    Schools are not equipping children for success in the world of work. This is because schools are places for textbook learning, but they do not teach social manners. Social manners are required for success at work. From the interview to speaking to one's colleagues and superiors, manners are necessary, and schools fail in this preparation.

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