• Teaching character to students

    Character is one if the basic thing of our life. And school is also responsible for good and bad character
    Because our character us dependent on our surrounding and things we learn si school us fully responsible for our character. And one work of is not teaching its work is also to enhance our character

  • Yes they are.

    They really really really really really really really really really really are. Why? They teach us how to be a person. If a person can not act like a person as well, the world we live in will be a worse than the oher planets! We 'need' c/e in schools!!!

  • School is mandatory for reasons

    We are required to start going to school at 5 years old and be in school for at least 13 years. During our critical developing period of life, we should be educated not only about mathematics, science, reading, writing, and etc but also the importance of our traits that will prepare us for our long life after school.

  • Yes, everyone is responsible for the sake of our future.

    It is the responsibility of every adult in a child’s life to teach character education daily. We are all teachers of character, whether we know it or not, through the way we act. Therefore, it should not be limited to parents, church, or lessons in a curriculum.
    Some kids don't even have responsible parents to be good role models and so schools should set the standard of what is right.
    Schools should not teach personal values and morals because it may conflict with the values of the student’s culture or religion.
    It’s also the student’s own responsibility to choose:
    “Character is created by you, you are in control of how you act, that is why they call it character.” –mattvlkl

  • They teach citizenship.

    Yes, schools are responsible for character education, because school is about more than just book knowledge. School is about becoming an educated person. That means learning how to get along with others, and it means learning how to function in a civilized society. The whole child must be educated to truly learn.

  • No, schools are not responsible for teaching kids character.

    I do not think that schools are responsible for teaching children character. I think that such types of education should be something that is taught by the children's own parents. I do not think a school has any responsibility other than teaching a kid how to read, write, and proper math.

  • No, parents are responsible for this.

    I don't think we can make the schools responsible for everything. A child's character is molded starting at birth. It is influenced by his parents and their style of child rearing. By the time a child is ready to start school, parents have already provided the basic education that will develop into the child's adult character.

  • Schools fill your mind, parents shape your character.

    There may be exceptions to the rule but I believe that should be a general principle. Even if school teachers and staff are willing to take on that kind of responsibility, who knows the child best? The answer should be their parents. And filling their heads with knowledge is hard enough, we don't need to over burden teachers.

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