Are schools starting to resemble prisons (cameras, locks, armed guards, lack of freedom)?

  • Less learning more Appeal to Authority

    Everything in school is about doing things by-the-book. Whenever children do math, at least in my district, they are given zeros for not doing it "the Cy-Fair way". In other words, if kids are smart enough to do fractions without drawing stupid pictures, schools demonize them for it! Maintaining rules nowadays is less and less about common sense and more and more about upholding the teachers ego.

    Gone are the days when a teacher lets a student go on a field trip even though he technically did something bad that would prevent him going under regulations. Teachers are being increasingly lenient in areas such as respect for peers, bullying , and working with others, and increasingly strict in areas such as pointless dress codes, rules, grooming regulations, and administering punishment.

    Instead of working with a student to understand why they are lashing out, they simply administer punishment that is very similar to solitary confinement in prison. Instead of giving a student a mentor, a helping hand, they give the students a watchman, an iron fist. Counselors are being uses less and less for career planning and helping a student through crisis and used more and more for being the principals secretary, repeating busywork instead of helping students.

    To sum it all up, schools are not focusing on the right things. Instead of teaching students HOW to think, and HOW to solve problems, they teach them WHAT to think, and WHAT the solutions are. They essentially give the student a fish instead of a fishing rod and fishing lessons. Yet, through it all, students are forced to suffer this prison, and waste their childhood away.

  • The most comparable thing to school is prison

    Haha, okay, a bit of a stretch, but who didn't throw their cap at graduation thinking "F U high school!, suck my *insert genital type*"? From what i hear things only continue to get worse as schools aim to use more and more authoritarian methods to elicit control and order over their students. That and standardized testing produces mostly good standardized test-takers and not great thinkers and creative people

  • School sucks man

    Im tired of school school is tiring who is not tho? Teachers dont care about us omg my teacher hates me. My principal hate me the only motivation i have to got school is because i want to watse their electricity because i pay alot of fee. Even i have bad grammar is the good?

  • School: Ruining your childhood

    School should only go at most up to 7th grade but then there is High School. That's mostly just torture. Aside from the evidence that is already presented, you may have to do less work than an adult but the work is HARD and is almost more stressful than prison. Maybe it's more comparable to hell. Getting up dark and early at 6:00 A.M is bad enough and then the amount of work is overwhelming as your instructors do a lot less work than you, and you're talking to a 6th grade student. I know i'm not lazy.

  • No wonder kids are so rebellious

    At my school ACHS they try to outlaw everything, we can't wear hats because they are supposedly "gang signs." There are no gangs in my town it's only full of idiotic druggies or wannabe gangsters. They try and threaten you for missing five days even though it might be recommended by a doctor and if you miss seven days they have the police drag you in for truancy even though you may be sick as a dog. Then they'll put you on "medical lockdown" where you need a note for every absence. Even if you have a funeral to go to, the school has no authority of how to live your life. They will give you a detention for going on your phone or asking a friend for help. Then they limit the shirt styles you can wear like you can get kicked out of school by wearing the confederate flag. Whats wrong with that, it's apart of American history and it's not a gang sign so I don't see the problem. For some reason they said you can't wear anything that has an image of a gun or has to do with a gun, 1st and 2nd amendments idiots you taught us that. They tried banning us from wearing camouflage at school because that's supposedly also a gang symbol. You can't wear anything that has to do with sex or is close to your private parts but the gay dudes can crossdress and wear yoga pants that show their junk completely. Then the deans try and accuse you for things you didn't do and you end up paying the price for it and they don't go by evidence only by assumptions. The people voting no are probably only disagreeing because they are teachers and kiss their school's a** and feel like they're above it all because they make alot of money or they're stupid college kids that are brain washed because they like to feel like they know a lot. The school systems are full of authoritarian and communist ideals.

  • Why is the focus on us, not the outside world?

    What are the armed people doing? They are eyeing everyone like they are incredibly dangerous and insane criminals, rather than looking for concealed weapons on mysterious visitors. But, security is just one focus of this. Why are all traces of individuality, creativity, and rebelliousness quelled? Plus, a security guard once forced me to strip down to my underwear in front of the whole class. Not really protecting US.

  • A False Representation of America

    Most public schools today unfortunately do take away basic freedoms and practice highly unnecessary safety measures. The administration is unintentionally making the student body feel as if the United States is a giant nanny/police state. Although that may be a tad true after 9/11, it is not at all the general idea of the government. America is a nation where its citizens are free to speak, free to worship, free to do as they please with the fruits of their pleasure. The education system should reflect this.

  • There's barely a difference anymore!

    Schools are defiantly becoming more like jails. I can relate my school, within the past 3 years, we have installed cameras everywhere, even on the outside door to get into the school. Our uniform policies have changed dramatically. Starting this year we have to purchase school pants online from a specific website that has the school logo on the side. It's a miracle they still let us go to the restroom by ourselves. I thought high school was supposed to be getting you ready for the real world & college, and through personal experience, they're doing a crappy job. My school is on the property of a college and they have an agreement, to where high school students can take college classes throughout the year. I have participated in this, in fact this summer i have been taking a class, and the difference between those classes and high school are completely different. They trust you at the college, at the high school they have no trust and act like we are all criminals. And let's get something clear, i go to a good school, we really don't have bad things happen, overall the student body behaviors pretty good.

  • My school certainly did

    I'm in a bit a strange case, as I never went to normal schools, at least not after I left primary school. I went straight from s**tty inner-city schools where you got checked for weapons when you enter the premises to an overly protective private school (my mom got a job there) where you had to get a permission slip signed by the headmistress to leave for lunch. In either circumstance, I always felt like I was being watched by the staff in my every movement (although not when I was getting my ass kicked by the gamgster-kids in the inner-city school), and the camera-surveillance, locks and security guards always made me feel like they were keeping me in, not keeping others out. Just my take on it, though.

  • Malls and airports have cameras and armed guards.

    If you consider that prison, then school can be considered prison as well. And cameras can help a lot with investigation. Security guards can help ensure the school is safe. Lest say someone tries to break into the school. I think they should only be allowed to have tasers enough to immobilize a person, not guns. The school also needs to have a safety committee to write safety plans in case of an emergency.

  • It's for the student's protection

    There has been many events that have harm the well being of students while being in school. Shootings, hostages, and the use of many illicit drugs and weapons have contaminated learning centers making schools an insecure place to learn. All the equipment such as cameras, locks and people guarding schools are not depriving anyone's freedom, but making schools a more secure place.

  • Of course not!

    Schools only have the cameras, locks, and armed gaurds to protect the students and keep them out of trouble. It only seems like a prison because of the restrictions that are enforced in school, but these restrictions are only there to help create a safe environment for the students and better place for them to focus on their education. School is not a prison, and it does not have lack of freedom. It limits the freedom because students tend to abuse freedom when it is issued. If school seems like a prison, then it would be much worse than cameras, locks, armed gaurds, and LIMITED freedom (not lack of freedom).

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