Are schools teaching students the right courses, skills and knowledge they need to know to be active in the real world?

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  • In a way

    I don't know about elsewhere, but here in Australia they teach us some important life skills. We do economics, sex ed, and many other subjects about life and the processes of it. My school does a program called footsteps in which we do various community service activities, go on camps, learn life skills (such as job searching and resume writing etc.), and generally how to become a good citizen. But they certainly do teach us some really useless stuff.

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  • To simply live, thrive or survive

    Knowledge is power and I've been an advocate about gathering as much knowledge as possible in any field rather than turning a deaf ear towards somthing that does not interest you.
    Instead of confusing a childs mind by forcing him into a syllabus, he/she must be opened to a very aristic world, and when I mean artistic, it not necessaryly means to be allowed to paint or draw but to be able to do everything from a creative point of view.The brain needs to be trained and get used to be able to think, analyse and go about tasks in a creative way.This creative skill can then be used with mainstream courses.The child must think and keep asking questions rather than be forced to write an exam on a syllabus he hasnt any reasoning on.Communication and presentation skills are two overlooked aspects in schooling.More so in todays world , Presentation skills is as important as being able to study unwanted syllabus.Instead of teaching our kids to live, we must teach them how to survive.Take them to banks, show them how a cheque is remitted and various things that they will need later on in life.

  • School does not teach practical skills for anyone!

    I am in school right now, so I'd say I have a pretty good understanding of what they teach in schools. I will break some of it down for you. I am taught math, science, history, and English. Some of them are taught well and others not, but this of course depends on my teacher and my school. Health class is a required course at my school. It is a semester long. Guess what I was taught in the sexual education department? Nothing. They said absolutely nothing about how any of that worked. I don't know if my school (and many other schools from what I've read, been told, and seen) doesn't understand about this: ALMOST EVERYONE IS GOING TO EVENTUALLY HAVE SEX! Whether that is tomorrow or years in the future, chances are it's going to happen. My school teaches absolutely nothing on the matter, only briefly saying abstinence is the answer. Which isn't working that well considering so many boys have gotten so many girls at my school pregnant! (also, even if you are abstinent until marriage, you still need to know how to have safe sex then!) I know some schools teach sex ed, but many schools aren't even required to teach it correctly! There are many other problems with the system of course, but this is just one so obvious it make me angry! Other examples would be trying to incorporate any life skills, or social skills into the bunch. Trig is nice and all, but it's not actually going to help me in the real world.

  • Real life situations

    School is meant to prepare you for college....Not for real life.....We don't talk about how to pay bills, get a job, or take care of yourself. We learn about math, science, and english, but not communications, working in a job setting, or how to do a job application. This is why so many people get out of high school and waste there life away.

  • The useless courses

    Some courses aren't even needed for your set goal and only tend to pull you back and to lower your grades. For example, English. I'm not a good essay writer and nobody at my work as an engineer will ask me how Obama used rhetorical devices in his speech. It's useless and it's only lowering my GPA

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