Are schools that are not current on technology limiting their students?

  • Man y'all stank

    Y'all goofy and every thing would be easeyer to grade and faster learning. Its on u if u don't stay active. America is freedom, if u want to stay and play games all day u can, if u like to be active u can. Without technology u wouldn't be ahold to check on your family at any time of the day

  • Of course it is

    Technology is THE reason for globalization and all the changes in our new global society. Abstraction, a core concept of technology, is prevalent in every part of human evolution. Technology is far superior to the human and will only get better. It would be far more beneficial to be able to use technology to its full potential than to force children to learn old knowledge just because people think it is necessary.

    When you perform a job at work, does your boss care if you did it by hand or plugged it into a calculator? He would prefer a calculator so it gets done 10x faster. Does your employer care if you used spell check or knew off the top of your head what every word you used meant.

    A BASIC understanding of the core principles of any subject is all that is required, and then technology can take care of the mundane.

  • Technology is important.

    Schools that are not current on technology are greatly harming the education of their students. The world is moving toward more advanced technology. It is true that technology changes quickly but the students who are not introduced to technology are going to be the ones to fall to the wayside. It is important for their future economic success to learn (at the bare minimum) the basics of technology.

  • Learn at school only

    Students are becoming more vulnerable and believing everything they see on the internet. We shouldn't have to rely on technology for everything! Young minds shouldn't be disadvantaged more than they are now, because of lack of simple equations they are doing on their phones. Instead of their heads. Save the technology for later, school is where you come to learn, not mezmorise your brain.

  • Technology isn't always the answer

    While Technology can definitely help a student find whatever it is they are looking for, it is not the soul resource in finding certain information. I do agree that the Internet for example is much more current then most books, but a student should not have to rely just on the schools technology level to thrive.

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