Are schools that are not current on technology limiting their students: Can technology improve students' abilities?

  • Y e s!!!

    I am currently doing a presentation on how technology can help improve our learning (as students, that is). Most of the studies I have seen encourage students to use technology. Yes, of course I agree with those who dispute that we spend too much time on devices, however, a study shows that 65% of those who are moderate media users have good grades, as apposed to only 60% of light media users get good grades. Only 50% of heavy media users get good grades. This proves that technology can improve our capabilities, we are the future, and in order to keep our world as it is right now. Technology is needed to make necessary improvements.

  • Yes, it helps students, but others are not limited.

    Technology in schools is a great way to help students learn and with how much we are starting to rely on electronics it is not a bad idea for students to start using and getting used to them at an early age. However, I do not think that a school without technology is limited if the teachers are passionate.

  • Technology can improve abilities.

    Technology can definiately improve students abilities. Schools that are not current on technology are limiting their students ability. I know I learned a lot more growing up with the use of computers and technology and without it I would lack a lot of knowledge that I have today. There should be a limit on it but for the most part it can improve abilities.

  • Not the best idea

    I can totally see why schools should incorporate more technology into their lessons. But, if they do, kids could get distracted really easily and could use the technology to go on other sites not related to the lesson. Lastly, students could look up things instead of listening to the lesson.

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