Are schools the sole stakeholders to develop life skills and academic competencies in children?

  • Schools are responsible!!!!

    If you are sending your child in a boarding school so obviously it becomes the school's responsibility to build up a character and develop his/her personality. It is through the schools especially a boarding school who makes a child independent , strong and responsible enough to face the challenges and hardships in his/her life.

  • No, parents play a role.

    Schools are not the only ones who help develop a child in skills and academics. Parents play a major role by teaching their kid young, assisting with homework, and giving them the basic understanding between right and wrong. Not to mention not all kids go to school some are home schooled.

  • Schools Not Responsible!

    A child is like a clean slate. An impressionable mind which absorbs everything like a sponge and reflects everything like a mirror. A life in the nascent stage which is susceptible to be moulded in the right manner. It is my firm belief that parents develop life skills in children. Schools, however, are only a medium to sustain and promote them. Nothing more, my friends, and certainly nothing less.

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