• Example: my school...

    My school uses IPads and Computers so students have literally double the amount of technology and increased use of google or bing to homework and classify things. It is definitely sad we don't often use textbooks like we used to. Goodbye classic education and HELLO GOOGLE AND BING! I hate school now.

  • Technology Marks Our Future...But Will It Be Good?

    Technology has become something that we all now know has become part of our future. There's no mistaking that soon enough, everything we knew about learning experiences will never be the same. However, there are flaws with technology, and just like everything else in the world, it is not perfect. There are numerous unreliable sources out there in the world, and not everyone can decipher them with spoof websites. There will be viruses that take away privacy, and other bugs that can make technology go wrong. Homework and classwork has turned into "Search it up and find your answer!" We are too reliable on this that we may not even be using our brains to actually think about what we are learning. Here's one thing for sure--technology's rein won't end so easily. Sometimes, it can be useful, but in schools, it should definitely not be a priority. We already are surrounded with technology at home, and now we even have used it in school. For example, our school got Chromebooks for this year, and they do have their cons. It also serves as a distraction on what we are really learning. We would rather play games and other social media on technology, and its interactive interface makes us want to use it more and more than actually open up a textbook. It is engaging, but isn't as valuable in learning. Lesson plans that are online can go wrong, by not saving, crashing, or loss of Internet. Social life in reality differentiates with the real world, until the lines blur. Overall, schools ARE too reliable on technology in basically every aspect that you can look at.

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