• The other day i heard something outrageous.

    A man on the national science commitee said that "we can't use wind turbines because it would slow down the wind, and the temperature would go up. The wind is god's way of cooling the earth." i believe this is a prime example of religion inhibiting scientific progress. Eventually this will come to such a high degree, some thing will have to be done about it.

  • Aspects of science and religion

    Can support each other, and at worst they have nothing to do with each other. I know a lot about both science and religion, and I just can't see a problem with believing in both the scientific method and religious claims.

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  • Well science and religion work together in a way.

    Well I believe that the world was created by god and evolution gave rise to all species,humans and animals we have today and all the rest is mystery and this are some of the questions that will never be answered but only the dead or if we ever get to meet with god.

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