• Yes, they are.

    Science fairs are great for kids. It allows them to think outside the box and really explore the interesting aspects of science. It gives them a reason to pay attention while in class, and drives them to look further into what they are learning so it can be applied to the real world.

  • Science fairs give kids the opportunity to learn something that they are interested in.

    I believe science fair projects give kids the opportunity to learn something they are actually interested in. That interest sparks a desire to learn as much as possible about the subject, which then makes learning a positive experience. When you enjoy doing something your more likely to continue doing it. If a kid has fun doing their project and its pointed out how much they learned in a positive way, I believe they will take a stronger interest in learning and succeed better in school.

  • Science fair is useless

    I experienced my very first science fair and it was just very torturing. I had to be stressed as I begged my parents to get the materials I need for my experiment. Nowadays, It always makes me wonder what drugs the science industry is on. Kids can experience everything I said and it will be a horrible experience for them.

  • Science Fair Sucks

    The science fair is very stressful for kids and parents help out a lot. This leads to kids doing little to no work on it! If the porgect doens't turn out good, kids could be ashamed of there progect and can lead to being left out or being sad and left out.

  • No, they are not.

    Science fairs teaches children how to procrastinate, and how to rush work in the last minute. Doing the experiments and the board only causes more stress than children need. (Also don't forget the homework that adds up besides doing the science fair.) I understand it teaches the "Scientific Method" but besides that... It won't help you in the future one bit.

  • No, they are not.

    I believe that science fairs force children to do a time wasting project that some kids wont even remember when they're older. Some kids won't need science fairs because they have after school activities, homework, lots of it, and studies show that kids who are stressed doing things like homework, projects and after school activities 24/7, do the worst in school. If a kid really loved science that much, they should take it upon themselves to do an at home experiment. Schools shouldn't stress kids to do this. For example, CMIT North in Laurel MD. They have been stressing kids on science fair so much, that its sad. Some kids do after school activities, plus homework, which is stress enough, then have to pile science fair on their list of responsibitlities too? Chores homework dance practice from 3 till 8 all on a thursday, science fair, cooking dinner is my turn to do... Ect. It's unfair for those who want do do a job that doesn't include science and want nothing to do with it.

    Posted by: Reag

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