• Scientific laws are fact.

    Most anything that has to do with science is a proved fact. That is why it is called science. You study, you experiment, and you make a calculated "guess." With "Gods" law, it simply "is." There is no way to prove it and there is really no way to study it. Science is based on fact.

  • Scientific laws are fact in the places we have observed them to work

    I'm a science geek and i'm not a science-denier like most will be on this side of the poll. The only reason i say no is because of the anthropic principle. It basically states that if we cannot see laws in places we haven't observed, then the law is only proven in a specific area that has already been observed. So if we traveled thousands of light years to a place that we haven't observed yet, and the laws of nature are different that makes them laws of the solar system since it only works in the observable universe. Although the possibility deems almost impossible, there is a possibility.

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