• Yes, I think scientists are needed for business analytics.

    I think scientists are always devising new formulas and methods for figuring out certain things and this can be very useful in a business setting, I think that scientists with a strong mathematical background are a critical asset to any firm who needs to analyze large amounts of data regularly.

  • Yes they are

    Yes, I think that scientists are definitely needed for business analytics, and they can provide professional opinons from everything from sales forecasts to consumer behavior to expected profits and losses. A business will thrive with more scientific thinking driving their decisions, making sure that calculated decisions are made thoroughly and accurately.

  • Scientists are important to bussiness data.

    Scientists are definitely needed for business analytics. This is because scientists can identify trends in business and more importantly, identify how they affect people and the environment. If we didn't have scientists working in this field then we wouldn't know how fracking or outsourcing affects the health and well-being of the American population.

  • For better data, yes

    Scientists are very good at recording data, drawing conclusions from data, and predicting future situations given previous data. Their form of research as well as attention to detail would be greatly suited for a business analytics profession. Scientists would be able to help companies achieve their goals in a big way.

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