• Yes, they are playing God

    I believe they are playing God with genetics. We are able to clone living things now and we are correcting diseases and things that stay with people for a life time at a DNA level. I think this is okay though as long as we don't take it too far. I always liked the view point, if we don't play God, who will?

  • Scientists are not playing God.

    The sole purpose of science is to further the understanding of what the universe and things withheld in it are made of. So therefore scientists are just doing their jobs by researching this deep into the human body. Also if god created all beings, then he must have known that genes are able to be mutated and adjusted, thus making it perfectly plausible.

  • Scientists are futhering research not playing God.

    Scientists have the power to prevent children from being born with different diseases and illness that can not be stopped other ways. They can make people's lives easier if they find certain links to the diseases. If a person believes in God then they should believe that the scientists were put here for that purpose anyway.

  • No, I think scientists are trying to advance the possibilities with cures and genetics.

    I do not think that scientists are playing god with the advancements in medical procedures and genetic research. I think their work is important to discover new cure and ways for people to live a much healthier and better life. I think that as long as people's rights are not affected, then scientists should be allowed to work their research.

  • Scientists are not playing God with genetics.

    Scientists are not playing God with genetics, but they are trying to develop cures for diseases. Scientists often come under scrutiny from ethics committees if their experiments cross a line. There are many regulations to make sure that scientific experiments preserve the dignity and sanctity of human and animal life.

  • There is no god

    No, they are not playing god, they are simply trying to use genetics to help out the human race. They are working to help us out, not trying to hurt us in some way. God is just a thing of faith that people use to explain the supernatural things in life.

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