• Yes they are

    Yes, they are worth reading. They are informative and based on facts. Of course, liberals will trash Sean's books and his views. There's nothing new about that. I'd say if you want to know whether his books are any good, try reading them for yourself. Download a free Kindle sample from Amazon and read.

  • It is my honest opinion that Sean Hannity's books are not worth reading at all.

    It is my honest opinion that Sean Hannity's books are not worth
    reading at all. I think that Sean
    Hannity is a racist who is extremely dangerous to society. He doesn’t even make sense most of the
    time. He is just another robot spouting
    Republican rhetoric in order to get a paycheck.

  • Sean Hannity is an Entertainer, Not a News Guy

    Sean Hannity's books aren't worth reading because they would be either comedies or insights into the cable entertainment industry. Hannity isn't a seriously into news, much like the network for which he works. He is an entertainer and a commentator, so I would find his books more annoying than worthwhile.

  • Trash is trash

    Sean Hannity is not a political expert or a commentator of any regard. He is a television celebrity and a loud braggart mouthpiece for the GOP. If you're looking for interesting commentary from a conservative perspective, you can do much better than read what some guy who hosts a show on FOX News has to offer.

  • Sean Hannity's books are not worth reading.

    Sean Hannity's books are commercial and they are an attempt to make money rather than to present any new information. They tend to pander to hard-core conservatives who want to hear his reiterated messages of right-wing values. His loyal readers can enjoy his books, but a more general audience would not find them valuable.

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