• Seat belts are necessary

    The transportation safety administration has fought a successful battle over the past few decades to make the public understand that seat belts are an absolute necessity. Only the most callous of people now believe that seat belts do more harm than good. Those little devices save lives every single day.

  • They save lives.

    Yes, seat belts are really necessary for consumer car safety, because they are one of the most important ways to save lives. Statistics show that when people are wearing their seatbelts, they are much more likely to avoid being injured or killed in a crash. This is a basic matter of safety.

  • They save many people's lives, for no real cost.

    Seat belts are a win/win product. In every country where they have made seat belt wearing compulsory, the number of serious injuries sustained during a vehicle accident has dropped dramatically, especially head injuries, which can be the most devastating. Making people wear seat belts has little to no negative effects, and you can allow exemptions for people with a clear reason not to wear them.

  • Yes, seat belts are necessary.

    Seat belts are definitely something that is necessary for consumer car safety. I think that they are something that has been proven time and time again to be crucial to saving people's lives. There are a lot of evidence and proof to support that claim. People should definitely agree with them.

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