• Yes. It makes them safer.

    They need seat belts, because they can protect them. You don't want them flying toward you when you have to stop the car all of a sudden! You and the pet could get seriously hurt! Seat belts prevent that, unless something is wrong with the seat belt. Yes, pets should have seat belts.

  • Dogs need to be safe

    I say yes seat belts for animals is a great idea i hate when animals get hurt in vehicles it sucks i think people should get seat belts for there pets it is a great idea i think some cars should have dog seat belts by the way i'm being sarcastic

  • Seatbelts for pets are not good idea.

    Pets should not ride in cars in the first place. Seat belts are designed and tested for humans, and they are not suitable for pets. In fact, seat belts might harm animals if they are used, since all pets come in different shapes and sizes. It would be difficult to create an appropriate seat belt for all animals.

  • Yes, pet seatbels make things safer.

    Pets should definitely wear seatbelts, or be otherwise restrained, in cars. These will help keep pets safe in an accident, and keep them from flying about in the car. One of the other important reasons to consider using restraints for pets is protection of people. In an accident, things can move around in a car. A person could get hurt if an animal was suddenly hurled at them. So, not merely for the safety of animals, but also for the safety of people, pets should definitely be seatbelted in a car.

  • Most pet seat belts fail

    I read an articles in my veterinary magazine were they tested pet seat belts. The test found that most pet seat belts fail, ether choking the dog or breaking (some test dummies even flying through the windshield, or hitting drivers). From working in a veterinary hospital i have seen dogs that have been in crashed that sent owners to the hospital survive with mild scrapes, but a dog with a seat belt failed it hit the back of the drivers seat (as it was bucked in the seat behind the owner) hurting the owner in the crash, a gave the dog a concussion. It also make removal the the pet from the car more difficult with very little benefit.

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