• The Don't Work

    Security cameras don't work. They don't stop crime. Yes, sometimes they can find the criminals with them, but there and so many ways to make cameras ineffective. Security cams did not stop Bush from doing 9/11. That must mean that Bush controls them along with Obama. Since Osama Bin Laden never was killed I know he's working with them. The three are trying to imprison us. They are watching our every move and experimenting with us like some kind of science experiment.

  • They Don't Work

    When was the last time a security camera stopped you from committing crime. That's right, never. They don't stop criminals. Yes they sometimes can help catch criminals, but there are so many ways to avoid them. They have not stopped the Jackasses know as ISIS. They did not stop Bush from doing 9/11. They did not kill Osama Asshat Bin Laden since he's alive and well plotting to take the world over with Obama and Bush. Security cams have not yet caught the New World Order because they are controlled by the New World Order. STOP BUSH, OBAMA, ISIS, BINLADEN, AND NWO.

  • We are all being imprisoned by the government

    So I guess that we should all be monitored like a bunch of prisoners, and support it, because after all, Obama is just imprisoning all of us. If we install security cameras we are just supporting the new world order to imprison all of is, cameras are enslaving us to the government.

  • Yes, cctv invades your privacy.

    Cctv cannot do anything but see what is happening. It cannot be used for crime prevention. You use it after the crime already happened and when the damage has already been done. They make the police lazy thinking that the cctvs do the watching for them. They depend on them for clues, so they always miss the important details. In the end, they don't solve the crime even with cctv. I don't understand why they are so focused on crime solving. Shouldn't they find ways on how to prevent crimes like increasing police visibility in hazard areas? Seriously, what can cctvs do other than watch over you? It would have been better if someone is monitoring that cctv and he would alarm the police if something is happening. Then that would prevent crimes. Gosh! Why can't they think about that?

  • Security camera are today's 'BIG BROTHER'

    How do u feel when someone gazes at you? Are you easy ?
    Monitoring the activities of people 24X7 is an 'INVASION OF PRIVACY' .Blanketing a city in cctv camera for catching criminals can create as many problem as it solves.If you really don't like your privacy ,its your problem!

  • Security cameras disturb private life

    This is against the law. Do you want to be watched all the time? CCTVs invade one's privacy. Students would feel uncomfortable and this would
    effect their educations and skills and their test scores. Also, do you want to have your private spots exposed? Really, if you say yes to this question, you are really crazy.

  • Yes, They are monitoring you and your activities.

    Freedom for safety should never be an option. No matter what, end of argument. There are not enough crimes or traffic violations committed to warrant the state to observe your every move. Just drop a photo in googles search...Facial recognition software is creepy and they are scanning you, building databases they are trying to control you while eroding the disciplines that were created to keep us in self check. 1984 is here and you poor people don't even know it.
    Security cameras for private safety...That is their right, Cameras run by the state are a precursor to totalitarianism. Put that in your patriot act and choke on it.

  • You Should Have A Say

    People shouldn't be filmed on camera without being asked before hand. It isn't fair that there are cameras on you in nearly every store. Dressing room and bathrooms are not appropriatte areas to have cameras and if there are you should defintely be warned before hand. Security cameras are invading.

  • Yes, depending upon where they are placed.

    Having a security camera on a street where crimes have been or might logically be committed is fine if it helps deter criminal activity. And of course they are fine in stores in the general areas. But people should be warned that they are there and they should not be in dressing rooms or other private areas because that is an invasion of privacy.

  • These Are Useless

    They do not prevent crime. Yes they are used as a tool to catch criminals, but there are so many ways to avoid them that they are a waste of money. The real jackasses of society won't be caught by cameras. Security cams cannot stop those asshats known as ISIS or couldn't stop Bush from doing 911. Security cams didn't kill Osama, he's still alive with the help of pro security cam people like Bush and Obama.

  • No it helps with investigations

    With security cameras I know that it helped with the Boston bombing to help find out what the bomb was in and who was involved in it. The police got both of the people that did this and it would've been nearly impossible without cameras to help track them down.

  • It's for our own protection

    Security cameras are not an invasion of privacy. Security cameras are not an invasion of privacy. These cameras would be an invasion of privacy if they were put in places that are not private, but these cameras are put in private, owned locations. It is the owner's right to put these cameras in place to secure the premises.

  • Security Cameras Help!

    Security cameras do not invade privacy. They are used for so many purposes, for example, protection of anybody and everybody. Also, it is illegal to have security cameras in a public, so they can't invade that way. To sum it all up, security cameras do not invade privacy in any way, shape, or form.

  • Public areas... Public

    Security cameras are placed in "public" areas to protect the "public". The word public is with much emphasis because public is public. Your privacy is not in public areas. If it is, then its not private. If your in a public area and your doing nothing wrong, then you have no reason to feel invaded or scared. These cameras are placed in public areas for our safety only. If you have something private to do, dont do it in public and you wont have to worry about CCTV cameras.

  • No, not an invasion of privacy

    CCTV cameras are placed for the security for each individual. With the increase in crimes like rapes , sexual harassments , thefts and murders - these cameras are the best and first evidences for the cops. By the way , cameras aren't placed in our houses , there are placed in public areas. So , it is not at all a invasion for the privacy of people

  • No they are not!!

    I guess safety is more important than our privacy.What kind of privacy you need when you are not secure?Anyhow life is more important than anything else in the world.Even though we use cameras in hospitals ,multiplexes,commercial complexes,jewelry shops etc then also the rate of crime is increasing day by day,just imagine what will happen if there will be no eye kept on culprits ?If a kind of fear of cameras will be on them ,at-least they will thing before acting.So according to me cameras are are a type of security and assurance for us not an invasion.

  • They help the police.

    I don't think they are an invasion of privacy because they help police catch criminals and help people find out what really happened. They also see if people are speeding or driving. If you don't want the police to see you, you should close your curtains and don't let them see you.

  • Not An Invasion Of Privacy

    I do find security cameras an invasion of privacy, if anything they are a necessary evil of society. I prefer to see security cameras in business and parking lots, because it equals more security. Criminals are less likely to break into cars or steal from a store where they perceive the threat of getting caught is higher.

  • Security cameras are not an invasion of privacy.

    Security cameras are not an invasion of privacy. These cameras would be an invasion of privacy if they were put in places that are not private, but these cameras are put in private, owned locations. It is the owner's right to put these cameras in place to secure the premises.

  • No, they serve public purposes.

    No, security cameras are not an invasion of privacy, because they serve valid purposes. Security cameras are important in stores, because they prevent theft. Security cameras are helpful because they sole crimes. Although they do infringe on privacy, as long as they are used in public places, they are acceptable in society.

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