Are security regulations for flying too strict: Do the regulations work to stop terrorism?

  • Our regulations are ridiculous!

    The security regulations currently in place waste precious time and are unlikely to stop terrorism. If you want to stop terrorism, you don't need to strip search a 4 year old or pat down the elderly. Quit worrying about being politically correct and start profiling. The airlines would save a lot of time and money,

  • Security regulations are too strict for the minimal protection they give.

    There are many ways to combat terrorism. However, I do not believe that making people wait six hours in line on a holiday, only to miss their flight because they have a dark complexion, an accent, and a towel on their head they get "randomly selected for a search." There is a procedure for everything. Pilots, VIPs, and Many others get preferential treatment. Domestic terrorists are not hard to come by, and are just as susceptible to creating a problem. While TSA guards are lax, hard, as they choose. To fully implement something; everyone, everywhere has to be at one hundred percent. Terrorists only have to be lucky once, us good guys have to be right one hundred percent of the time. And the only way to stop the bad guy with a weapon, is a good guy with one. But that will not work if 99.9% of the good guys do not have one.

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