Are security regulations for flying too strict: Should we have the security regulations in place at all?

  • Flying Restriction A Red Tape Nightmare

    I do not doubt that some security regulations for flying are very appropriate, however I feel as though all of the regulations surrounding flying makes it a problem for enthusiasts. I believe jumping through some of these loopholes is unnecessary because so few people are interested in flying in the first place.

  • Security regulations are too strict

    Though there are a few bad people out there, and it's good to be mindful and to help prevent crime on airplanes, the majority of flyers are well-meaning and shouldn't be subjected to such rigorous security protocols. Many of the measures taken by the TSA to prevent crime on planes are outdated, too specific, and not strong enough to deter actual terrorists. Airline security should not be abolished, but it should definitely be revised.

  • We all know the story,

    9/11/2001 we all know the the story, one of the worst days in American history. If we lower the security regulations than another plane could be hijacked and flown into the Empire State Building per say. If we neglect our past then it could be proven fatal. Take a lesson from that day y'all.

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