• Do u see the happiness when together

    Ok so Justin hasn't been in the best state of mind when he's not with Selena. Obviously he's done stupid things and been criticized for it but when u see the tabloid pics when they are together they just look super happy together. I think Selena is exactly what Justin needs to keep him level grounded and sane. Since they first got together I thought they were meant to be. Justin just needs to change his demeanor on life and all will be good. They are perfect for each other but Justin has led a different life without Selena. He needs her back in her life. And permanently please. Thanks

  • Yes, that appears to be the case.

    Yes, I think it looks like Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are just two of those people who will never be able to stay away from each other for more than a few days at the most. The newspapers, magazines and television are all reporting break up, make up, break up, make up and it just goes on in an endless loop.

  • Meant to be means true love ...

    Meant to be means true love ......When you're around your love , it just makes you want to be a better person and you can give up ANYTHING just anything for them .....If we see 2015 , justin have changed n us better without selena . Plus he cant give up things for her . For eg : his career . Do you think he'll give up his career for her ? The answer is NO ! So basically I dont think its meant to be .


  • No One Cares

    I have my doubts Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were meant to be and even if they were, who really cares. I know I don't. I would be a happy person if I never had to hear either of these names again. I think these two people are about the worst role models America could ask for.

  • No, no one is truely "meant to be"

    No one can really say that a couple is "meant to be together." The odds of finding someone that you are compatible with are really low. It can be quite a challenge to find that person that is happy with you the way you are. Just because there are two famous, attractive kids doesn't mean they are compatible on a personality level.

  • No, Gomez is simply stuck in the cycle of an unhealthy relationship.

    The couple have publicly kissed and made up multiple times. True love doesn't include DUI arrests, public bullying, and multiple break ups. The drama between the two is unprecedented and heavily reported on. The pair are more similiar to simple folk than they'd like to admit, as they're just two youngsters stuck in an unhealthy relationship.

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