Are self-driving cars feasible in the foreseeable future?

  • Yes, manually driven cars will be a thing of the past.

    Prototypes are currently being made all over the world.And so far,nothing bad has really happened,and they're still just prototypes.What the driverless cars use are GPS,computer vision and radar systems,which allows the sensory information to better identify the navigation paths.With technology advancing at unimaginable rates,we will surely be able to perfect this in the near future.In fact,by 2020,Nissan,Audi,GM and BMW should be autonomous.Also,the amount of benefits that come with autonomous cars are enormous,such as better fuel efficiency,Less traffic,Fewer collisions,etc...

  • Yes, it's only a matter of time before cars can drive themselves.

    We were once promised cars that fly through the air, in the TV show "The Jetsons," and while that seems increasingly less likely, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before cars are capable of driving themselves. We already have cars that can assist in the parallel parking process, and parallel parking a car is more difficult than just driving it.

  • Yes. Maybe in 50-ish years. (pure speculation)

    We already have prototypes that do pretty well. And I think they're passing a law on it in California for small community uses.

    I think it would require that ALL cars in a closed community to be self driven for this to be possible, so they can effectively communicate with each other to avoid collisions, instead of basing it on reaction.

  • Let the Car Do the Driving

    Self-driving cars are likely to be making their way onto our streets, albeit in small numbers, in the next few years. We already have cars which are able to park themselves. How long can it really be before they are able to drive themselves for longer stretches? But, while I believe they are possible in the near-future, they likely will not become common for quite a few years due to price and the working out of kinks.

  • Maybe not CARS

    Well maybe something self driving but it wont be a car, too many things would have to be programmed into them and if one went wrong everything would mess up! I would thing there would be a set of rails or tracks and some sort of vehicle similar to a car would travel on them, It would probably use a GPS to navigate....This is speculation I have no idea if this will or won't happen but it could.....I don't think it will but it could

  • No, self-driving cars are not feasible in the foreseeable future.

    Self-driving cars are not feasible in the foreseeable future, in my opinion. There are too many variables to consider at this time for a self-driving car to be a realistic option in the foreseeable future.

    While we already have some of the technology needed for this to take place, the expense alone for a self-driving car would make them much to expensive for the average car owner.

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