• I still do dumb things.

    I take selfies. They're dumb. People say that they're good mirrors. Why not carry a mirror in your purse? You also must not have good friends, or else they'd tell you that your lipstick was smeared all over your face. Maybe try not wearing lipstick. People say they are good memories. That's probably the best argument I've heard so far. When you're at a landmark and you want a picture. But here is the resolution; have someone take your picture, OR, just take a picture of the landmark. Seriously, you don't need your face in everything you do. People say that selfies express your emotions. Yet that's also dumb because I can express this argument far better with words than I could with a confused/saddened/disapointed/angry face. I'm not sure I could even make that face anyway. People say that selfies make you look sexy. Being a prostitute makes me look sexy, and that's not dumb at all. People say it's a fun thing to do when you're bored. I don't even have the strength to debate this one. I'm getting far too bored. I think I'll go post a selfie instead because I want my friends to see how sexy I am and what I am feeling and what I am doing at the moment. Because doing that is a way better use of my time than using my brain.

    Doing that is not dumb at all.....#sarcasm

  • Kim Kardashian Much?

    Seriously? I have literally no social media because I think if I did I would go insane from people's selfies. They aren't memories! Pictures of places and other people are memories, selfies are vain and self-centered. If you want to take a selfie, don't post it anywhere, seriously. If you want to post a selfie somewhere then you're already shoving yourself down other people's throats already, trust us.

  • A vain person's favorite topic : themselves

    I find selfies as something for self-conscious people to post on Instagram to fish for compliments. Just something to make themselves feel better about themselves. I find them dumb, because if you really want people to see your beauty, show them in real life. Take off your makeup, and just breathe. We are all human beings and shouldn't be scared of not being "sexy".

  • Wow look at me!

    Selfies are literally just people trying to show off how cool they are. This makes the people that are not as outgoing feel like they are lacking a quality that they seem to need to get higher in the social piramid. Selfies can be hard for some people to do with others and end with judgement. Many feel out of place and weird trying to look cool in them and just smiling. Selfies just let people show off and post random things on social media so that their followers don't get bored. Then they say it is only cool to post every couple of weeks and then they post a selfie. People just make weird faces and try to look cool in a picture. Selfies are stupid.

  • Selfies Are for Narcissists!

    I hate selfies with a burning passion. I understand that you may be bored, and you want to see how you look, but it's really stupid to take them and post them. People who take them seriously need a life because it's falling fast if you're taking them and posting them.

  • Yes, they are dumb.

    Actual human beings with (presumably) functioning brains now routinely take photos of themselves and sling them out on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. They are photos taken in bathroom mirrors, or while waiting at a stoplight, or while eating something, or while just generally standing around breathing and thinking highly of oneself. And, in what I assume is a fearless act of technological irony, "selfies" gets transformed into the altogether inappropriate "selfless."

  • Self's are the best in today's world

    There is nothing wrong with taking pictures of yourself or any other person, on my opinion it a memory to look back at, I love taking pictures of myself , my family and my animals . Enjoy looking at my old memories ,sometimes it not wrong if your using them for a good reason

  • Selfies are a waste of time

    It is a waste of time cause why take selfie when u can do something better. I am be young but selfie is just for those who are vain and want to show off. U can actually complete something than just wasting a few seconds taking selfies. Remember time is more precious than gold

  • IT`s definitely dumb and the user

    They have nothing else to do with their phones when they get bored_the easiest thing for them to ease thier boredom is to click the camera and take selfies as many as they`re satisfied even they know that they look different on the photo and in personal. Stupidity makes someone happy.

  • Selfies are pointless

    Selfies make you look so vain; like all you worry about is your image. Also, it is super annoying when someone takes one thinking they look cool, when they really don't look cool. Especially those girls who take one every other second. That is super annoying. Selfies are pretty pointless.

  • Selfies make me look sexy.

    Selfies are a part of the culture of today and they make everyone look sexy. I look sexy in a selfie, you look sexy in a selfie, we all look sexy in selfies!!!! So don't argue against the sexy people if you said yes to this you must be a communist.

  • Selfies are good for u

    If u take a selfie it makes u feel pretty and beautiful and not think your ugly worthless and fat. You feel you. When u take a selfie people show their creativity like making a weird face or a funny face. When people do that the things that bother them like bullies and break ups and fights go away. You feel pretty good!!!😃

  • Selfies are just pictures of youself

    I believe that selfies are not dumb, and I don't know how they can be. If someone is insecure and would like to post a picture on instagram then they can do what they like, your making them feel more insecure by saying that they are dumb. I love taking selfies with other people so you can remember who you were with on that day. No point in taking a boring picture

  • A year ago, I might have said yes, but a year ago, I had never owned a selfie stick.

    Taking selfies can be a lot of fun. You can be doing something you love or with people that you love. You could just be embracing how you look. They're very positive. Nothing bad comes from taking a selfie, and as long as your not devoting your whole life to trying to look good for a picture you're taking of yourself, it's fine. Selfies make people feel good, and what's dumb about that?

  • Selfies are not dumb

    The first reason is selfies can express our feelings for example when we're happy then people know that we're in a happy mood. The second reason is selfies can be a mirror example if we have something in our teeth and selfies also can check our appearance example if we're not really sure that we're ready. The last reason is when we're bored, we can take selfies of ourselves and post in social media for everyone to see.

  • Take selfies is not dumb.

    People need to see there self, so they would take a selfie as a mirror to see their self. People also can post there selfie on the internet, or send to family and friends, so other people can see what are you doing and what do you looks like. Sometimes people take selfie because there hasn't people nearby can help he or she take photo, so he or she would take the selfie.

  • Communist take selfies 2!!!!!

    I like selfies and i am a communist! They way they make me feel is great! That moment when you pucker your lips to make a duck face and pull your phone up to take the picture... Mhmmmmm yes what a rush!!! Its my life so back off u hater1

  • It is not dumb

    First, taking selfie is for saving the good memories. People are usually take selfies when they are traveling. Second, other people can easily see your face by selfie. Third, selfie can be used as a mirror. People can check their appearance by selfie. Selfies is not dumb at the all.

  • The people that take selfies are wet

    Waffle waffle waffles and the breakfast was delicious the food is yummy the atmosphere was great the people and their family and they were so sweet they have the same taste in it so they have a great selection of wine and cheese and a great way to make it

  • Watch the place, And have friends

    It is not so logic to someone turn his back to the Eiffel tower when taking a photo instead watching and admiring the monument or the landscape. Also mankind is a social being. Have friends and take pictures, It is better than taking photos by your self. Narcissistic is not mature. Also self-ie sound like self-ish

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