• They can be

    When someone takes over 10 selfies a day then yes they're a narcissist. Even one selfie for a day for a week is narcissistic. But a few a month? Not really. Being aware of a selfie problem is good though. A high self-esteem can be rather dangerous. It's better to have a moderate self-esteem and high self-judgement.

  • Get over yourself

    Unless progress is being made I don't need to know that your eating at a chain restaurant every week. Real photographers always are trying to capture what they see not how they look. The Greek god narcissus was always looking at his reflection in a puddle just like many of common day people using their phone as a vanity (vein) mirror.

  • Its definitely narcissitic.

    Society has become more and more narcissitic and self interested. The social phenomenon of "selfies" shows this. "Selfies" are just one aspect of the "me" culture that is prominent in western societies today. People take "selfies" to be seen, they want attention and want to be viewed as beautiful. The rise of this "me" culture has arisen as a result of the media, which constantly bombards us with images of the ideal standard of "beauty". The media transmits a particular set of values, telling us to strive and be like the (highly narcissitic) celebrities we see in the media, telling us to look like them, to act like them, to be them. And so, in the hopes of getting attention and being seen as beautiful, we take "selfies" and post them on the Internet.

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  • People take selfies for a reason

    The whole reason to take a selfie is to show people how good you look today or how cute you are. In other words, you yourself think that you look good, and the fact that you look good is so damn important that other people absolutely need to know about it. That sounds a lot like narcissism, because you think that your life is so important that everyone else needs to know about every minute thing about it.

  • Then Almost Everyone Would Be

    If taking selfies made you narcissistic, then almost everyone would be narcissistic. You have to be at least 18 to even be diagnosed as narcissistic. Taking a picture of yourself and posting it online is not narcissistic at all! Plus, caring about yourself and loving yourself is a far cry away from having a big ego or even being narcissistic.

  • No, taking selfies is not a sign of narccisism.

    Taking selfies means that the person/subject feels comfortable being photographed through that position. It's just another form of photography, nothing else.
    Also, i don't believe that there's anything wrong when a person takes selfies. Aside from taking it to post it in their social media profiles for public display, it can also serve as a tool to check their facial appearance from different angles , substituting the mirror. This can help people with low self confidence as selfies generally enhances the quality of their face when used with correct lightning, generating a sense of self worth and can help them feel motivated, althought i also believe that prolonged practise of selfies may also develope a sense of narccisim to an extent.

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