• Ugh i have selfies😤😤😡😡😠😠😬😬

    I mean i cannot go a day without hearing a teen scream "SELFIE! :3" anywhere! Either in tv shows or video games or real life! Also the people make stupid faces like "duck face" and they think they look attractive but i think they look like blobfish! ANd girls wear soo much make up its ridiculos they look like bleeping clowns!! ANd you may say: "it helps up express ourselfs" thats what mirrors are for doy! 😵😵😵

  • It's quite pointless....

    The thing is about selfies is that, it's potentially done every single day.... I mean can you really explain the whole entire thing about taking a selfie? It's just taking a picture of yourself in different clothing and you're just repeating it...I still think it's very pointless and a little too overrated.

  • Selfies are stupid

    Selfies just show how stupid humans are in 2016. Posting photos of yourself in ridiculous "funny" poses. And don't even tell me about the selfie stick. Forget handerpants and face blankets, SELFIE STICKS are the worst invention in the history of mankind. I just want to punch all who own one.

  • Fake and forgetful

    For those of us that were born pre-social media obsessive era the selfie is the ultimate expression of modern vanity. Why would anyone who initiates the selfie actually really think that anyone would be interested in foreground pout with background fakery. The very fact that this is done so often indicates that there is no actual thinking involved. It's progress towards instant and ultimate gratification where nothing means anything because it is over done, over indulged. Not a fan but still, somehow, i have been in more selfies than i can count!

  • Urgently Pretended Fame

    People used to watch celebrities with envious opened eyes on the media. Then magically selfie popped up to satisfy urgently needed attention. My pictures are not taken and posted in the media by others. So what! I am here and there too. By the way, that is rarely for a good reason and most often for no reason at all.

  • It`s just time wasting

    The more selfies you take the more obsession you get.
    No people will take selfies for one time.
    They take selfies when they get satisfied.
    So it can make you more stressed and refuse to yield (kind of)
    so taking selfies are just about time wasting. Unless you have soooo much obsession

  • Narcissus in 21st Century

    Many of us are aware with the story of Narcissus , a self obsessed person who drowned in pond thus died due to extreme weird love for himself & the same thing is going with today's generation just like him many teens are in love with their looks and face & while chasing behind this self obsession they are drowning in pond of loneliness and allegation . I don't get people wasting their precious time on such a stupid thing which has no future. Self esteem can't be increased by these stupid act rather it will create a wall between your true self , society & loved ones and your vanity & velour which comes in mind b/c of selfies
    I am sad b/c Narcissus hasn't died rather he is still alive with more fatal effect of self obsession in the form of people who are too much engrossed in taking too much selfie .

  • I don't care!

    Hey, those lost in the belief that the world cares. I could give a rat's ass about how special you, you're friends, and your family think you are. Are there people in this world who care about your rehearsed situations? Probably. Do most people really care? No. Sharing selfies is a total waste of bandwidth.

  • Selfies are stupid.

    Who wants to take a photo of themselves????? No offence but I find that kind of weird. Did you know, people get killed by selfies more than sharks? Selfies are dumb as well as dangerous. Selfies are selfish. Taking of photos of other people expresses love and friendship, kindness, etc. Taking photos of yourself? Not so much.

  • Narcissistic, pointless, sad

    Most defenders of selfies say it can boost your self-esteem. If you think about it, selfies only makes you look more desperate for attention than anything. All you're saying is (whether you realise it or not), "Please tell me I'm beautiful!" You wanna know what? True self-esteem comes from within, not externally.

  • Let people love themselves

    Taking selfies helps improve self esteem by promoting having confidence in ones appearance for a variety of people, not just conventionally attractive people. Selfies are not stupid, what is stupid is telling people they should not be proud of what they look like. Besides, taking selfies isn't hurting anyone. No one says you have to look at them.

  • EP6 say "Don't be miserable...."

    Too many people think selfies are a sign of self-obsession when it should be seen as an attempt to boost self-esteem. People feeling comfortable about how they look, comfortable enough to show others, is surely a good thing?

    Plus selfies are lots of fun. Those people who say they hate selfies – they don’t really hate selfies they just hate other people having fun.

  • They are a way to express yourself!

    1) How do people know who you are on social media if you haven't got a selfie picture?
    2) They are nice to look at if the person is good looking!
    3) They are a way of remembering memories of good times.
    4) It helps increase your own self confidence when people comment and say nice things.
    5) It's fun and everyone does it so we don't want to be the odd one out!

  • D3 says ...

    Selfies are not pointless if they are taken for a purpose. For example, if they are taken with friends to celebrate a moment or if you are at an important place. They are an excellent way to remember events especially if there is nobody around to take a picture for you! Selfies can also make people feel good about themselves and it can help to increase confidence.

  • D3 says ...

    Selfies are not pointless if they are taken for a purpose. For example, if they are taken with friends to celebrate a moment or if you are at an important place. They are an excellent way to remember events especially if there is nobody around to take a picture for you! Selfies can also make people feel good about themselves and they can help to increase confidence.

  • D3 says ...

    Selfies are not pointless if there is a meaning behind the photograph or if they are taken to capture a moment or memory. For example, if you are with your friends or at an important place. Selfies can also improve your confidence and make you feel good about yourself :)

  • They can boost confidence

    Selfies can be used to get your friend's opinions on your outfit / hair etc. If you think you look good it can help boost your self confidence and positive comments from others will reinforce this. In doing this you may be more likely to look your best and achieve the best you can. If people hate my selfie, maybe they're just jealous!

  • N10 say 'of course not'...

    Firstly, it is self-evidently clear that selfies can be a superb opportunity for "bantagious" fun with one's friends. They can really help, from our personal experience, us to deepen friendships with others.

    There is also the potential for selfies to boost one's self-confidence, as conversation about the selfies happens. Clearly, this could go too far, but in general, we believe that the benefits in this area outweigh the negatives.

    And anyway, for those anti-selfie naysayers, why shouldn't people be allowed to enjoy posting selfies?

  • It's not hurting anyone.

    If you feel very confident and take a photo you are sharing your confidence with others. It only a picture its not hurting anyone. It is useful sometimes for e.G: profile pictures. It's a little bit of fun. Selfies can be useful to capture a moment in time or memories.

  • B12 says "What's the problem?"

    Selfies can be fun and they are not hurting anyone. If you are on your own and want to share something then it is the only way. Some people may be interested in what you are doing. Though people need to really assess what they are taking photos of and why!

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Lumberjay85 says2015-05-15T11:37:08.133
What really is a selfie? Is it simply taking a picture of one's self or does it involve a specific pose?
Stefy says2015-05-17T14:45:48.240
Its just taking a picture of yourself
Axonly says2016-01-28T03:03:04.917
Its hilarious how many people care when someone else takes a selfie xD