• My Personal Opinion

    I personally think most of what all religions teach is a false doctrine. The Seventh Day Adventist one is a fairly new religion. It to me, sounds like some guy just thought of what he could do to get a bunch of people to follow him and do what every he tells them to. A lot of religion seems to have been that way at some point in history.

  • Its all false

    All religion is false, so all ministers are in fact teaching a false doctrine. Religion is a way for people to believe in a higher power that governs the supernatural things that we can not control. It is not wrong for him to teach this, because people can have their own faiths.

  • Seventh-Day Adeventist's are entitled to their opinion.

    You can't state one thing is better than another. This country was founded by religious freedom,by saying one way is wrong and another is right, makes us no better than the past. I can't say myself that one way is better than the other,but as long as nobody is being hurt, its okay. Cult or no cult, people need religion to have hope.

  • Not As They See It

    No, I do not believe Seventh-Day Adventist ministers are teaching false doctrine. There are many branches of Christianity because people keep reading and understanding scripture differently. Seventh-Day Adventist ministers are teaching the scripture as they read and understand it, so it is not false doctrine. Religion is suppose to foster understanding and kindness, furthermore the Bible says you should not judge others.

  • No, they are not.

    There really is no such thing as a false doctrine. They are teaching their interpretation of doctrine, the same way every cult and every sect of every religion has done throughout history. If they are teaching false doctrine, then everyone is teaching false doctrine. This is the way of religion.

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