• Maybe not then, but I would argue they're almost too much so now.

    Sex ed. Programs are becoming more and more descriptive and accurate. In DC, many schools start sex ed. As young as 5th grade. How to properly use birth control and contraceptives is taught to 6th graders, to the extent of having 3D dioramas that children must put them on. I would argue that at this point in time, sex ed. Is taught with too much description at too young of an age.

  • I barely had sex ed in school

    Luckily for the people in my region (Ontario, Canada) the sexual education curriculum has recently been updated. Not everyone is so lucky. There are some basic things everyone should know about sex, but a lot of young people don't. For example, everyone should know where to get contraceptives/condoms, and how to use them. Few teenagers do. Sex ed also needs to be updated to include things like "cyber sex" and "sexting". Teens should also be taught the seriousness of posting nude pictures online, particularly nudes of others. A lot of people still don't learn this even though it's one of the worst forms of cyber-bullying. The sex-ed curriculum needs updating in most places.

  • No it should teach about sex

    Sex education should teach students how to have proper sex, so they do not need to do such research as adults later on in life, and this can help to improve couple relationships after marriage as sex life is an important element of their lives. :D Also sex is fun( This is just to fill the word limit)

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