Are sex offender laws judgmental and ridiculous?

Asked by: Adam2
  • This is not because I condone this crime

    But rather I find sex offender laws to be very judgmental and almost close to a caste system. It's as if people who commit these crimes don't deserve a second chance. It's something that they have to carry for the rest of their life. And I don't mean pedophiles, as I find them sick.

  • We should have a Dangerous Offenders Registry Instead

    Sex is NOT let me repeat Sex is NOT special or automatically worse than crimes not involving sex! Violent crime is violent crime.

    Violent crimes should land a person on a public registry. Things like peeing in public and close-in-age statutory rape (i.E. 18 year old boy and his 17 year old girlfriend) should NOT land a person on a public registry.

    Murder, rape, statutory rape where the people aren't close in age, armed robbery those things should get a person put on a registry.

    The only problem with the registry is that it's specifically focused upon sex.

  • The nature of offences

    The danger in this treatment of sex offenders is that, statistically speaking, a not insignificant share of them are actually innocent. Often, the mere accusation of having committed rape or sexual assault is enough to have people from your community demanding your head, and there are some women who use that to their benefit. Think of Meg Lanker Simons, who invented rape threats from local Republicans in order to boost her own popularity in campus politics. Similarly, between one in twenty and one in three accusations of rape later turn out to have been lies (and by that I mean that it can be conclusively proven that the 'victim' was lying and not just that there was a lack of evidence that the victim was speaking the truth).

    This is just a type of witch hunt, and men should be extremely careful about what they do or say. It gives women a very strong stick to beat men with, and in doing so it gives them a lot of power to guilt trip or blackmail men into doing what they want.

  • They really are.

    Too often the cases them selves are ridiculous. Sometimes it was just a 17 year old boy who was dating a 15 year old girl who was charged with statutory rape by the girls's parents. Even if the boy never slept with the daughter. It could be the parents just didn't like the kid. So now the 17 year old boy, who did nothing wrong, is forced to live with his name on a sex offender registry and tell every new neighbor who he is and that he is a registered sex offender.

    There was one case of a 10 year old boy who received a naughty picture of one of class mates, a girl, from another boy in class on his phone. He didn't ask for the picture, he didn't even want the picture. But he was placed on the sex offender registry at 10 years old. That is wrong.

    I think true sex offenders should be placed on a registry, but their picture should not be paced around every neighborhood they move too announcing who he is. He should also not be forced to go door to door telling every one that he is an offender. That is his past. Most offenders are done. They did it once, weather they meant to or not, and will no longer do it again. They realize the mistake, and know how to keep themselves from doing it again. I know that is not true for all offenders, but it is for most.

    Murderers who take peoples lives do not have to do this. Not all murderers stay in jail all their lives. A lot of them get to leave prison to lead an ordinary life. They aren't required to tell every neighbor they killed some one, and no posters are placed around neighborhoods with their picture and what their crime is. Why should sex offenders have to do it? I think we can all agree that murderers are worse.

    They have the sex offender registry for a reason. All you have to do is type a person's name into a search engine and it will tell you if that person has committed a crime. The registry also helps because offenders are supposed to keep their current and new addresses registered. So if you type in a person's name and their address, then you will definitely find every thing. Do you're own research. You might even find that the offender's case was a bogus one, if it was one.

    Criminals deserve their privacy too.

  • People who commit these crimes had a choice!

    These laws arnt ridiculous. Sex offenders deserve what they get. As you can tell sex offenders are worse than burglars. So of course they have to have stricter laws right? Well im glad with the laws we have because it keeps them in their place. They have restricions and also ankle bracelets if need be..Anyone know why?...Its to protect the society from these creeps! Thats why the laws are strict. Just pointing out why the laws are the way they are. They are more than likely to do it again,. Its called addiction.

  • Crimes like these are why I support the death penalty.

    I think that it's 'ridiculous' that people who commit such crimes don't get worse. Such evil acts should be dealt with harshly and severely. If we suddenly got rid of laws dealing punishment to people who violate the law like that, would it not be an incentive to commit such evil acts?

  • They actually deserve worse.

    How is it fair for someone to scar someone for life, to be given a second chance? The victim will have to live with it for the rest of their lives. Why should the offender be able to leave it behind and start a new life? They deserve
    death or castration.

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