• Yes, shaved armpits on men are attractive.

    With growing regularity, men are shaving or at least trimming their armpit hair. GQ, as well as other men's magazines, undertake regular research on trends and report that a considerable number of people find shaved armpits on males attractive. In addition, eliminating overgrown hair under the arms enhances a man's overall hygiene.

  • Shaved armpits on men can be attractive.

    The question of whether or not shaved armpits on men are attractive comes down to personal preference. Some people may find some body hair, such as armpit hair, more masculine and attractive while some may prefer men to be completely free of body hair, For this reason, it is safe to say that shaved armpits can be attractive.

  • Shaved armpits on men are not attractive.

    I do not find men's hairy armpits to be attractive, but I don't find them to be gross either. I believe that they are just often overlooked. Unlike women, hairy armpits for men are accepted. Men are not expected to shave their armpits like women are, so it is merely accepted without necessarily being attractive. Some men have jobs that require them to shave their faces even if they hate shaving, so asking them to also shave their armpits would be met with resistance.

  • No, shaved armpits make men look effeminate

    Body hair removal is mostly a feminine concern. On the contrary, hair on a man's body talks about a wild nature, which is attractive to women. Many women find men with unshaved armpits attractive because this enhances the differences between them and women. By contrast, men who shave their armpits look effeminate.

  • No, because body hair is a masculine trait.

    I do not think that shaved armpits on men are attractive. I think men have to have a certain amount of body hair to represent a masculine ideal. I am not fond of chest hair or beards for example, but armpit hair is pretty natural and shaving it seems somehow less manly.

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