• Yes, they are

    I always feel safer when i'm on a sidewalk so I don't get smashed in a car. But sometimes, roads don't have sidewalks. So other people that have cars have to wait along time and waste gas, while the people who aren't in cars waste their energy and get tired and eventually cause a traffic jam!

  • Sidewalks are Much Safer

    Sidewalks are definitely safer than streets. A car can easily go anywhere in the street and do harm to a person in the street. It takes some effort to get the car up on the sidewalk. If a car is out of control they are a lot more likely to harm someone in the street than someone up on the sidewalk.

  • Yes they are

    Sidewalks are 100% safer than streets are and nothing irritates me more than when I see people illegally crossing the street or people riding their bikes in the middle of the streets. Sidewalks are there for a reason and people should take that into consideration before they walk freely in the middle of the streets.

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