Are Sifl and Olly too old-fashioned, uncouth, or bizarre for discerning modern audiences?

  • We moved on

    Yes, I think that most of the people now days do not even know these characters, or their show. I think that we have moved on past their style, and people today would not even enjoy sitting down and watching them, like the older people of today used to watch.

  • More Fitting On YouTube

    I do not believe Sifl and Olly are too old-fashioned, uncouth, or bizarre for discerning modern audiences. I do not think a person should expect such a show to garner a huge audience because its far better at targeting a niche group. Given the style of the show I would say it is more fitting for a YouTube-type audience where it is more likely to find that niche group.

  • No, Sifl and Olly can be considered modern and appealing

    The Sifl and Olly program is a unique program whose modern appeal can be linked to its seemingly bizarre or old fashioned use of sock puppets. Modern trends often incorporate what were once considered outdated fashion or ideas and make them new and interesting again by attaching relevant or entertaining language or subject matter to their usage. This is certainly the case with Sifl and Olly.

  • They are funny.

    No, Sifl and Olly are not too old-fashioned, uncouth, or bizarre for discerning modern audiences, because who doesn't love a sock puppet. Sock puppets are fun and happy and down to earth. They are funny and they are easy to use to produce a show. Sock puppets are still for the people.

  • Bizarre for discerning modern audiences

    Olly and sifl is too old fashion and some what bizarre because some of the words
    that have made up is very crazy and make you sound stupid. I think that they
    should not make up words because they make the people look stupid and retarded.
    I think that people should just use the words that are already there.

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