Are single-sex classes better than mixed-gender classes?

  • The gender is more inspired

    As the gender is more comfortable around the same gender, They are more likely to do something what people think that gender should do or what they shouldn’t do. Boys for example might engage in English or musical arts, While girls may engage in mathematics, Science and computer science. Each gender becomes more motivated when they know no one is going to say “why is that girl doing science? Science is for boys” or “why is he playing the flute? Instruments are for girls. ”
    Therefore single - sex classes are better than co-ed classes

  • Sexual development at this stage is an important consideration

    In an academic environment, the reason state schools struggle so much is that there are too many distractions from the aim of providing an education. A sexually charged group of adolescents can lead to a dangerous cocktail of bullying, sexual harassment and harm. Especially to girls in the sexualised society we live in.

    Gender interactions can still be learnt outside of school, playing outside in their local area and other social interactions outside of school. This doesn't mean there should be no social interaction, but IN LESSON, it is a better idea to not mix the two sexes.

  • Boys One End of the School, Girls On the Other

    Except for elementary school, I think separating the sexes would be a good idea. There are too many distractions, especially for the boys. Comparing all girl schools with all boy schools should reveal where each does best. Decisions should be made considering what is best for the children and their ability to learn in which atmosphere, and not the opinions of the rest of us.

  • Single gender classes are a great idea

    I think that single gender classes are a good idea because they have less distractions in the classroom. Also because studies have shown that kids who go to single gender classes have had raised confidence, class participation, desire and ability to succeed in school 3/4 of kids saw that improvement.

  • Yes, single-sex classes have fewer distractions.

    Yes, single-sex classes are better than mixed-gender classes, because there are fewer behavioral issues in classes that only have a single sex in them. With boys and girls in the same class, the teacher is spending his or her time negotiating fights or flirting between the sexes rather than teaching. Single sex classes allows the teacher to focus on teaching.

  • Definitely Not !!

    Learning together in a coed classroom has many benefits for both genders. Boys and girls should not be in separate classes because enrolling students in mixed-gender classes will teach them about diversity. Furthermore, coed schools can help the students communicate and socialize better together, and that can prepare the boys and girls for the real world.

  • I say no

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  • No, they will not help

    I believe that if you were to put your child in a single sex class it may lower their social skills weather that be around family or in general like when they try to apply for a job, expecialy one having to do with meetings or lots of talking. It may also lead to a homosexuality which is illegal in some places, not saying im homophobic.

  • Developing Social Skills

    Mixed-gender classes give the youth the chance to interact with all sorts of people. The more we can expose out children to, with new experiences, and probabilities. Single-sex classes just don't provide the same experiences. Being exposed to more possibilities, the more likely they will be able to develop better social skills, and will do better in the "real world".

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