Are single-sex education systems better than co-ed ones?

  • Because it provides a better environment

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  • Because it is

    Its depending on the type of person you are inside and I go to a same sex school and personally I LOVE IT!!!! There are no distractions, and I am focus all of the time. That's just me and my grades certainly also can speak! I dont think you can speak unless you have been to both.

  • Single-sex education enhances gender stereo-typing

    From my experience of studying at a boys high school and my sister at a girls high school, I feel that singe-sex education, or in a more popular term, gender-segregated education, enhances gender stereo-typing and traditional views on division of roles and behaviors between men and women. Gender-segregated education will not lead to gender equality. All schools should go co-ed.

  • Being educated with the opposite sex will socially improve ones interaction in adulthood.

    It is understandable that some believe that preventing opposite sexes from interacting in schools will help one focus on his education more effectively. However, the world is filled with jobs where one will work with many people of the opposite sex. It is important to interact with opposite sex in order to understand what is acceptable to say and do and what isn't. This will prevent problems that may arise in the future.

  • Co-ed is better.

    Sex education teaches stuff about both sexes, and should be taught to both at the same time and not separated. Being co-ed it allows teachers to teach the students much quicker, and allows students to learn more effectively. Single sex education only hinders the education of the students need to know this stuff.

  • Prepare students for the real world

    Single sex classrooms don't prepare students for the real world. When students grow up they will be around the opposite sex. Why would one not prepare them for the future as soon as possible? Co-ed classes are as real as the world gets. It is best to work on these skills at a young age.

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